Hire “significant” people- train them well

Fellow Foodies~ from time to time I am synergized when I get an email from our C.E.O. sharing his experience of what he "got" out of whatever conference he attended! Our staff attends respective confererences tailored for our individual expertise and we also attend together so we can keep the fire burning longer upon returning to our desks. This one however, I missed and I was so charged after reading the email that I wanted to share it with you:Fellow Operators,Last Wednesday – Friday we attended a Franchisee/Franchisor conference in Las Vegas with a few of our operators-Steve Burns-Tom LaChausee- and Paul Diaz. It was a very beneficial seminar, and had a number of “heavy hitter” speakers in the foodservice business, as well as some other businesses.We attended several meetings over the 3 day period, and I believe all of us took something back that will further our concepts. Besides all the C.E.O.’s, and operators of restaurants like Denny’s, Chili’s, Boston Market, Qdoba’s, and numerous others we also got to hear Mike Ditka the Hall of Fame football player , and coach. All of us we’re inspired by his words, and straight forward demeanor as it pertained to business, and to life! Mike also owns some restaurants so he could relate to all of us.The one ideal I latched onto after talking to fellow operators , and mingling with C.E.O.’s and Presidents of other “like” companies was this- It’s been a tough year and a half, but the ones who are surviving, and thriving are the ones who stayed true to their brand, and the basics! We heard one speaker after the other talk about hiring “great” individuals, training them, and then treating them with respect.You might be saying to yourself- Yeah so what?Well the one presenter who impacted me the most has had 15-20% increases in sales over the past two years while the rest of us have been struggling. He’s got 150 units of mixed concepts (Burger Kings-Qdoba’s-A&W’s-Denny’s) and all of them are thriving even though some of these chain’s aren’t.The question was asked of this individual “Why have you done so well when others around you have had to deal with the same adversities with little success? His answer- Hire “significant” people- train them well –keep teaching them-and then get out of their way . Most importantly keep repeating this process until you have layers of qualified personnel.This scenario works with all businesses at all levels, and it is so straightforward that most of us get in the way of its simplicity.The conference made all of us take account of where we are in our lives both professionally, and personally. When you hear other people speak of their successes, and also their failures that are in the same business as yourself, and have the same challenges you face you ponder your effectiveness. I would venture to say that Steve-Paul-and Tom had the same “wake up” call that I had. How can I play a more significant role in helping our business?Mike Ditka (Hall of Fame football player/Coach/T.V. personality) brought it all home with his simple “ACE” theory. He whole heartedly believes that your entire business, and for that matter personnel life can be summed up by three personality traits-Your Attitude- Your Character- and Your Enthusiasm…He sure had plenty of all 3 . Probably the most straight up guy I’ve ever met!I’m obtaining the message he gave at the conference so we can send it out for everyone to hear. If it doesn’t inspire you then check your pulse to see if you’re still alive!We we’re also privileged enough to hear the national anthem sung by an extraordinary 12 year old youngster “Rocco” that I’m positive you’ll be seeing or hearing about some day. His voice was amazing, and he also played the piano at the opening reception. What makes him so special is that he is blind, and has an “ACE” presence about him. His Father & Mother have a “Swiss Fresh” drive thru produce concept, and are great people. I rode the elevator with them a couple of times, and his younger brother kept telling me that Rocco’s not so “special” (leave it to the brother to bring you back to earth)…In summary it was a great conference, and we hope to make this a yearly tradition with all our operators. We attended the event last year, and realized it would be a great venue for our franchisees also. There were 255 “multiple unit” franchisees there representing over 4,000 restaurants throughout the U.S.A. !There were also 365 franchisors representing over 200 concepts so you can imagine the “Synergy” you get with all the mingling, and sharing of ideas, and experiences.We’ll send out invitations for next year’s conference so anyone who would like to attend will be given a VIP discount.Randy BrooksPresident/C.E.O.10 River Park PlaceDynaco Food ConceptsRBrooks@dynaco-inc.comThank you all for your patience.Regards,Joe Archuleta10 Riverpark Place East, Suite 104Fresno, CA 93720
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