I was reading the newspaper recently and stumbled across the details of a new bar opening locally. The piece spoke about the investment that was being put into building a great Mexican Bar & Restaurant, complete with Tequila Bar, authentic furnishings and decor, the best Mexican food in the area…oh and Macaroni & cheese, Cheeseburgers & Chicken Wings…Am I the only one that sees the problem here? So is it going to be a Mexican bar with authentic Mexican food or is it going be a Mexican inspired building with food offerings that they hope will cover all the tastes out there, and be sure not to miss anyone, so will have a 100 item menu?With any investment, you want to get a return, and in expanding their menu offering to include those people not interested in Mexican food, you’re not increasing your chances of making more money, what you’re actually doing is reducing the chances of having a dedicated following of Mexican food lovers. The broader the offering, the fewer people you actually please. And if you try to offer two different things – in this case – two types of cuisine – you’ll end up serving neither as well as if you concentrated solely on one. Have you ever seen a fridge/freezer or washer/dryer that did as good a job as the individual aspects would? there’s a reason….compromises are needed.My advice to any business suffering from multiple personality disorder is to stop trying to be everything to everyone and ending up being average to a few. Pick your niche, something you believe in, something that you know has a following and “OWN” that niche. Be the best at it, be the one people talk about because of your passion and dedication.Knowing who you are and what you offer allows you to create the most targeted effective advertising campaigns and promotions. Your dedicated followers will stick with you because “you get them”, you’re one of them and it’s where they will congregate to enjoy their passion.It’s always a little scary to take things off a menu or reduce your offering in any way, because conventional thinking tells you that will lead to less business. Have a look at your business, consider one thing that you could do well, analyze your market for sustainability and be the best at it. If you’re not doing the business you want to now, what have you got to lose.And remember, you’ll never see a Chinese Restaurant serving Lasagna….!
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