Poor Time Management Skills holding you back?

Have you ever felt that you have more management talent than you're being given credit?You may be the leader in sales production, the most effective trainer, the one everyone comes to for the answers to the tough questions, but not the manager who is getting the recognition.From my experience, judging a person's leadership talent is often overshadowed by the same person's ability, or lack of, to master time.Continually being late for work, late for meetings and leaving the impression that these things are not important or not manageable may be more detrimental than one might imagine. What does it say about a manager that cannot organize his or her life to meet these obligations?For ease, let's name this person, Jos. A. Manager. Joe has been a driving force in the business, his people are highly motivated team players, the profit margin produced by his team is among the top, his customers are highly satisfied. It would seem that Joe would be next in line for a promotion.Yes, from those who know him well, it would seem so. What about the others? The corporate leaders may have a totally different perspective. A majority of them have gotten to where they are now, in large part, by being overly organized, extremely disciplined, and experts of time management. They could possibly view Joe as nonexistent as far as upward mobility. They may have classified Joe by his middle name, A, meaning Average. So Joe Average Manager is passed over for consideration. His excellent talents are smothered by his lack of focus on managing his time more effectively.Is it fair? Probably not.Is it reality? You tell me.Bill
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  • Why is it that the creative, brilliant, non-conformist-types usually have this tendency towards flakiness? Could it be that they resist anything resembling routine, and that is why they are able to be so unique and fresh?

    I've found that a lot people who have conventional leadership qualities (type A personalities, over-achievers, highly organized, etc.) are also fairly predictable and not all that innovative or free in their thinking. They can be very focused on following schedules, getting things done, and being extremely disciplined.

    Often, the best ideas come from people who are a complete mess. I guess you just don't put them in charge of simply let them be wacky and creative.
  • @ Emerald - Like you, I like to arrive for work a good half hour before I
    am scheduled. By doing this, I guarantee myself plenty of time to rethink my plan for the day.
  • @Paul - Thanks. You're not only smart, but subtly clever :)
  • Bill, this is very much a reality. Sometime we don't see why our efforts go unrecognized, but tardiness might be a major factor in why they do. It shows that you don't care or that what you're late to is not a priority. The way I stay on time? I tell myself that I work a half hour before I actually do.
  • I'm going to have to get back to you later on that, I'm running late for a meeting.
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