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High-street hospitality operators are “way off the pace” compared tofood retailers on promoting ethics and sustainability, experts havewarned.

Pointing to the success of the Whole Foods Marketstore in London’s Kensington, Tricon Foodservice Consultants saidoperators should take note of the retailer’s thorough thinking onhealth, animal welfare, sustainability, food miles and fair trade.

TonyHorton, Tricon chief executive, said: “The ethical issues are promotedthroughout the store and they go to great lengths to explain aboutanimal welfare, sustainability, food miles and so on.

“Its 'TakeAction' centres offer customers a wide variety of information on local,regional, national, and international issues of concern.”

Horton said other UK retailers are recognising the importance ofdisplaying their ethical credentials, but warned that most hospitalityoperators on the high street “are pretty much ignoring the issue”.

They need to address this, he said, as the difference between specialisedhospitality operators and retail is rapidly shrinking with supermarketsnow offering food-to-go, take away meals and full service restaurants.
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