Chilling News: Energy Drinks Banned in Kentucky

This just in from So what are the implications of this for our industry? If non-alcoholic drinks can be banned for the safety of our children, what's next? The Big Mac? Coffee?

From "Kentucky youths may have to turn to another source for their morning caffeine jolt if the state's legislature passes a bill introduced Friday that would ban energy drink sales to minors. Beverage and convenience store industry professionals say the proposed bill unfairly targets energy drinks and would create an undue burden on convenience stores. But State Rep. Danny Ford (R-Mt. Vernon) said he introduced the bill "for the safety of the children."

To me, this seems like a very dangerous slippery slope that government shouldn't go near.


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  • This is shockingly stupid, but not suprising. Does Rep. Danny Ford actually believe that the people of his state actually elected him to do this? You have to wonder what would have happened if he ran for office on this platform. Hmmm......
  • Oh, I completely agree with you. I'm just amazed at how many things are coming into play that attempt to use the government to control the most basic freedoms... such as what we're allowed to eat and drink.
  • Yes, however what are the implications if the bill passes in Kentucky? Seems like it would be one of the worst legal precedents ever set.

  • That's got to be the stupidest thing I've read so far in 2008... *delivers trophy to Danny Ford*
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