When Upselling This Word Works For Me

I have noticed lately that my check average is about $10 higher in the last month or so which I guess you could say has helped me make okay money when compared to others whom I work with. Especially in these slow times we are experiencing.One thing I am really focusing on is selling the feature martinis which go over $8.00 a drink. But another reason for the higher cheque average is my forte has always been on upselling the size of the steak. You might not get people ordering appetizers or desserts so your only shot is getting them a bigger entree.Let's say the guest orders an 8oz sirloin. I will answer back with a , "do you want to upgrade that to a 12 oz?'This is not to say the 8oz is inferior but a 12 oz would satisfy you more. At least this is the impression it gives. When I ask , the guest thinks about it for a moment then a lot of the time they will go with a 12 oz. Then if you are good enough to get them a dessert and coffee later up goes the cheque average dramatically.So when selling add-ons or upsizing the steak use the word , "upgrade." It denotes a superior meal experience.

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  • Right on Patrick! Glad to hear of someone having success with that word as well.
  • Fantastic word 'upgrade' and one I've been using for the last year or so! If you're not using it, get on the band wagon!
    The guys in the back of house always applaud me on busy nights when I'm able to upgrade steaks, as well as rib portions...hey, it's all money in my pocket at the end of the night now isn't it!
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