A Genius Way to Showcase Your Menu Items

I came across this great idea this weekend whilst getting a well deserved fried American breakfast in our local diner.

What it is is a Digital Photo Frame that rotates between all of the diner’s different menu items while you pay at the cashier’s desk.For under $40, you can do the same. Make sure your photos are high quality, they transition quickly so that customers waiting get to see as many as possible and even add a little sign beside it that says: “Ask our staff what dishes are being shown” so that if something catches your customer’s eye, they’re prompted to ask about it.Quick and easy!I found this great digital photo frame on Amazon if you want to buy one for under $40.
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  • Why did it not work out and why would servers freak out?
  • In the last small restaurant I worked in I pitched this idea to one of the owners. So we took a digital camera and a small fluoro setup into the kitchen and the server staff and the kitchen FREAKED OUT.

    Then of course I was blamed for the "owner's great idea" not working out.

    Be careful with creativity lest it come speeding at you from behind and "stick in your back".

    It is certainly a great idea and the opportunity to put a digital picture frame with the slideshow of the menu items on the MAYOR'S office wall was available ... but NOOOOOOooooo !

    Too many crabs in the bucket.
  • It could be used in other ways besides simply pix of food and drink, too. There are a lot of possibilities here in which to customize displays for a particular place of business. This is one of the best ideas I've heard in ages.
  • Great idea! And dishes can be changed out occasionally to highlight seasonal specials, or to promote a holiday event
  • In the bar while folks are waiting for their table!
  • Hahaha. Yes, restroom=bad. :) But host stand and/or carry-out counter might take advantage of the "captive audience" nicely.
  • or the restroom in the frame....
  • Do NOT post frame in restroom...
  • Nice....We're really fleshing out this idea now! Keep 'em coming!
  • Post frame in window so pedestrians can view...
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