The Power of Appreciation and Gratitude

I just wanted to share an article I refer back to from time to time...Sure, we're polite. We always say "please" and "thank you"... to strangers at least. But for some reason, it seems that we often forget to say "thank you" and show our appreciation to the people who are closest to us; to our family, our co-workers, our employees, our teachers. We especially forget to say "thank you" to the universe for our many blessings.Saying thank you and showing appreciation can be done in many ways. But the most important thing is simply recognizing how fortunate we all are. The fact is, in this country, even our slums are better than the best of what many other countries in the world have to offer.Our lack-based protective mind continuously looks for more (like a squirrel hording nuts for winter) and has a tendency to overlook and discount what we already do have. Consequently, unless we consistently remind ourselves to look for "what's right" in our lives, we often only see "what's wrong."more...
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  • You are so right, Doug. A little "thank you" goes a long way to inspire employee performance. Bill, I like your idea about creating a gratitude journal.
  • Thank you Doug,

    T. Harv Eker has always been a favorite of mine for advice on
    inspiration and motivation.
    I have recently started a "Gratitude Journal" in which I post,
    every evening,
    all the things that I have reason to be thankful.

    Thanks again,
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