What Questions Should You Be Asking In 2010?

So far this year I've spent a lot of time asking questions and doing some soul searching.This is a question I was asked by Kathleen Wood, a Business and Leadership Growth Strategist who is doing some work with our team. It's a question that I think we should be asking ourselves for our business and our careers in 2010.If you were to reinvent your business or career today based on everything you've learned since you've started, based on all you know at this very moment, what would it look like? What would it be?Answer that question. Then..Be that now. Do that now. Ask yourself that question often.What question's do you think we should you be asking In 2010?
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  • If I should receive a notice of insufficient funds from my bank this year, should I call them and inquire if they meant me or them? :0)
  • I'm thinking Henry Ford type stuff.
    Bringing something new to market that everybody wants and needs, filling voids, if you will. I have to admit though, I don't really look at things on a calendar year basis...more like a month to month married to decade to decade kinda deal.
  • Hi Amanda,
    Great question!

    My question falls within the same basic idea. It involves change and a reinvention of where I spent most of my time and energy during 2009, and how I might have better utilized my talents.
    In 2010 the question might be asked, "Will I be true to myself?"
    How much time and value will I place on living my own dreams and not just fulfilling the dreams of my boss or someone else? Will I have the courage to stand in front of the crowd and be the leader of my life, or will I be content to blindly follow the masses? Will I be the Picasso of my life, masterfully painting my future through the days and weeks of the new year?

    That being said, I wish for all the Members of FohBoh a meaningful and prosperous 2010,


    * Comment also posted @ Talent Revolution
  • Great questions to ask:

    Is my business adding anything of value, or is it just contributing more noise?

    Am I still willing to have a learner's mind, or have I become an 'expert' in my field?

    Do people work for me, or with me?
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