Would you believe me if I told you that the color of the light bulbs in your bar would affect the spending habits of your customers? Well, according to this story, it’s well and truly the case.A glass of red wine tastes better when consumed under blue or red ambient lighting, according to German psychologists who’ve found that consumers’ brains can be fooled into believing their glass of alcohol is of higher quality and more expensive than it actually is when consumed under these conditions.I knew that red lights had certain effects in Amsterdam, but it’s the first time I realized they could affect bar sales too! Get your red lights out, just don’t put them over your front door or window!
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  • I received a comment asking for a case study to add into the comment I made on LED's. I'll give it a try...

    A national Boston-based QSR restaurant chain hired Kilojolts Consulting Group to develop an alternative energy-saving lighting scheme that:
    1. Would not change the "look" or "aesthetics" of their decor package
    2. Need to have a payback of less than 2 years.

    The restaurant chain's senior management was interested in solid, verifiable cost avoidance in terms of energy and maintenance cost. And of course, they had little in the way of capital funds to achieve their goal.

    We developed an LED-based Proof-of-Concept for them that not only cut lighting energy costs (by $2,800/year) but also cut maintenance costs as well (by over $1,000 per year). The management evaluated several LED samples and gave us the "go-ahead."

    When we installed the recommended lighting upgrades, something else (another benefit) surfaced...
    1. Lighting levels increased over self-serve reach-in cases
    2. Illumination over all graphics "popped"
    3. Visual comfort improved
    4. All product appeared fresher to the customers.

    While we have not been made aware of sales year-over-year, the customer did say that they were "quite pleased with the results."

    Combining the utility company incentives with maintenance cost avoidance, the project had a payback of less than one year!

    Here are some photos of the project after the installation (we were asked to not show the name of the restaurant chain)....

  • Photobiology is a well known science. Colors absolutely have an effect on human behavior, productivity and even work quality. I don't believe that the color of light can improve the quality of a cheap, high margin wine though... However you present your lighting color scheme, you should consider doing it with 'green' sources like LED's. LED efficacy is ten times greater than that of incandescent and halogen sources, and last over twenty times longer.
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