Perhaps a good time to post some truly rare and awesome live music.Enjoy the holiday weekend!!!Pavarotti and Jon Bon Jovi "Let it Rain/Fa Che Piova"I'm a moderate Bon Jovi fan but this song is perfect! I read that this has never been recorded in a studio and was written personally by Jon for Luciano and only ever performed here live... The Pav and Bryan Adams "O Sloe Mio"Simply awesome!...and a little surprising... Alicia Keys "No One" LiveHard to top this one... The Pav and Bryan Adams... "All For Love"Just all I can say... More Pav w/George Michael "Don't let the sun..."Really nice....really, really nice... How can I not end with this one?The Pav and friends...."We are the World" Hope you enjoyed.Happy Holidays!
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  • George Michael could sing with Kermit the Frog, and I'd still get goose bumps...
  • Nice, Steve. Thanks for sharing the spirit!
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