First of all, what the heck is a job aggregator? Plain and simple, it is a search engine for jobs. Think of Google for job postings. They crawl and aggregate job postings from sites all over the web including but not limited to:• General job boards - Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs• Niche/Industry-Specific Job Boards –,• Direct Employer Career Sites - General Electric, Ford, Accenture, IBM, Federal Express, etc.• Local/Regional Job Boards –,, etc.The two dominant job aggregators out there are SimplyHired and Indeed, each of whom have been growing rapidly since they launched. Each of these sites attract millions of job seekers every week and they are slowly rising to the top of traffic rankings for career related websites.Why are they becoming so popular? Three words: Simplicity, Efficiency, and Comprehensiveness.Simplicity. The sites are as easy to use as Google. You simply type in the job title or keywords representing the job you’re searching for (i.e. chef, restaurant manager), then you type in the location, and finally you click on the search button. In literally one click you are viewing jobs that are relevant to your job search.Efficiency. In the past the job-seeker may have bounced from one career website to another, with a few visits to employer websites in between. The aggregators show jobs from all of those sources in one place without the need to browse multiple websites. That one-stop-shop functionality greatly increases job search efficiency.Comprehensiveness. Because the aggregators collect jobs from so many different sources, it increases the scope of the job search, exposing the job-seeker to jobs on sites that they may not have thought of visiting or not known about.The next frontier, the niche job aggregator. Many things on the web today that start out with general scope eventually get refined and go ‘niche’ in a very short time. Just look at social networks, dating sites, and blogs to name a few. The online job space is no different. Niche job aggregators are starting to appear that aggregate jobs in a specific industry. RestoGigs is one of these and it serves the restaurant and foodservice industry. The general job aggregators such as SimplyHired and Indeed don't accept job postings, but some of the niche ones like RestoGigs do. Jobs that are posted directly to RestoGigs get top billing and are shown at the top of search results, with jobs aggregated from other sites shown below. RestoGigs is also affiliated with SimplyHired so that jobs posted to RestoGigs are shown in SimplyHired’s search results as well, and also on all sites in SimplyHired’s network.I think that job aggregators – and to a greater extent niche job aggregators – represent an upgrade to the sometimes long and arduous online job search of the past.
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  • Keith, thanks for the comment.
    The aggregators do not play any part in the application process, likewise on RestoGigs. For jobs posted directly to RestoGigs, we connect the job-seeker to the employer via whatever means the employer chooses, be it email, a website URL, fax etc. For jobs posted on other sites, the aggregator connects the job-seeker to the job posting on the external website and the job-seeker applies through whatever method that site uses.
  • Interesting post and great idea.
    However, I wonder what these places do as far as follow up to the people who have applied
    for the positions.
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