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I hope that everyone is enjoying a nice relaxing day off and enjoying some good traditional Thanksgiving Day fare. In the spirit of Thanksgiving (and days off) I am going to take a break from business (yes, again for any of you who caught my Top 10 list a couple weeks ago) and have some fun.Below, I have listed the descriptions of eight different Thanksgiving Day must haves, some home-made from traditional recipes, and some from the grocery store shelf. Take your guess about how many calories each item has, then compare them to the results at the bottom.Or don’t look at the results and the bottom and just enjoy – it’s Thanksgiving!A.) 1 pound of roasted turkey meat, no skin or bones, mixed white and dark meat.B.) 1 cup of store bought canned turkey gravy.C.) ¾ cup prepared stuffing form a commercial dry mix.D.) ¼ cup sweetened canned cranberry sauce.E.) ¾ cup mashed potatoes prepared from dehydrated flakes using whole milk and margarine.F.) 1 serving of French’s original recipe Green Bean Casserole (1 recipe = 6 servings).G.) 1 serving of candied yams home made from recipe (1 recipe = 6 servings).H.) 1 slice of commercially prepared pumpkin pie.RESULTS: A: 680, B: 121, C: 266, D: 105, E: 178, F:148, G: 372, H: 279.How did you do? If you want to play for a real prize check out the FoodCalc Calorie Contest.
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