Guns in bars law overturned - Should we also arm the staff?

Our industry ranks high in the US labor force when it comes to death in the work place. Given the stresses of the job, in all positions, what's the practical benefit of arming the customers when imbibing their favorite alcoholic beverage? Interesting points made in the editorial column below.Any thoughts?PaulGuns-in-bars ruling is a win for tourism industryBY GAIL KERR • TENNESSEAN.COM - NOVEMBER 22, 2009 noise you heard Friday afternoon was the sound of celebratory cheers all over Nashville.Nope, not another Titans win (yet). No, the whoops and hollers came from Nashville's tourism promoters and restaurant owners upon hearing the news that a local judge had overturned the state's guns-in-bars law.Score a big one for the home team.The bill, opposed by most restaurant owners and the restaurant industry, and vetoed by Gov. Phil Bredesen, was the worst thing to happen to a tourist town since Prohibition. That it came during a deep recession added to the frustration."We've had individual visitors canceling their trips," said Butch Spyridon, president of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau. "We got a lot of negative press internationally. When you are a city that leads the list of friendliest cities in the country, it was a tough message to overcome."The legislation, passed by the Tennessee General Assembly earlier this year, allowed people with handgun carrying permits to bring guns into bars and restaurants, so long as they were not drinking. Establishments were allowed to "opt out" of the bill, by posting a no-handguns sign on the front door.Nothing says "family-friendly vacation" like a sign assuring Mom that no shots would be fired while Junior eats his chicken fingers.FOR COMPETE ARTICLE GO TO LINK ABOVE
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