What is a Guest?

WHAT IS A GUEST?Never underestimate his/her importance!!! A GUEST:Is the most important person at our place of business.Is not dependant on us...we are dependent on him.Is not an interruption of our work...he is the purpose of it.Favors us with his presence...we are not doing him a favor by serving him.Is the essential part of our business...without him we do not exist.Comes to us with their needs... and we must provide and anticipate their needs.Is deserving of the most courteous and attentive service we can give him.Brings us opportunity for today and for tomorrow.Is the life blood of our restaurant.Lets Look at Our GuestWE must provide for and anticipate the needs of our guests to make the appropriate selling suggestions. To do this we must recognize and know how to handle all types of guests:The Timid Guest: Genuine interest, patience and understanding will put this type of guest at ease. This guest provides great opportunity. Make them feel at home and they will make our restaurant their new home. A call party in waiting!!!!The Aggressive Guest: This guest must be handled in a courteous and professional manner. What this guest is really saying is that I am important and I know what I want. You just need to confirm that he is and you can provide for him what he needs. A great guest to win over with great rewards!!!The Fussy Guest: This is guest provides a challenge to our patience and knowledge. Anticipating their needs and determining their dislikes early will go a long way. They are really a test to our commitment to details. This guest is really saying that I am not that comfortable outside my environment and I need YOU to take care of ME.The Over-Familiar Guest : The true test of your character. Keep your cool. Be courteous, dignified and avoid long conversations. Approach the table as required to provide only the service needed. Never respond with a wise crack, but keep the bar raised high for conduct. DO NOT cheapen yourself or stoop to same level of behavior.The Guest Who is Alone: Do not call attention by asking if they are alone. Seat him where he can see what is going on in the restaurant. Provide them with same courteous attention you would a large group. The individual diner is a growing part of our business. They are in many cases looking for an escape from their busy schedule. Create an atmosphere of good service and soon you will be serving their friends too.The Noisy Trouble-Maker: Don’t be drawn into arguments or disagreements. Speak softly and do not antagonize him. Refuse to participate in any criticism of management, the establishment or other personnel. If you find this guest is distracting from the experience of our other guests notify your manager.The Disabled Guest: Providing for the needs of our disabled guests requires our attention and sensitivity to their dignity while at our restaurant. Make sure they are seated at a table that will provide them with easy access to all exits and draws a minimal amount of attention to their special needs. Be considerate but don’t hover over them. Make sure wheelchairs do not block the aisle. They are our special guests and their experience speaks volumes to our commitment to all our guests.The Low Check Guest: Is as important to our success as any other guest. Treat them better than the higher check guest. They will be back when they are ready to spend more and they will become advocates of our restaurant. If you give them every thing you have and afford them every courtesy, we will all benefit.Always remember, any Restaurant owes its existence to its customers. When a customer forms an opinion of any food establishment, service and food presentation stand alone. No matter how beautiful the surroundings or how delicious the food, poor service will certainly ruin the dining experience.
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