Top 10 Food Songs and their Nutritional Values:

Today we celebrate good food and good music. Please listen to and enjoy this top ten list of food-themed songs and their accompanying nutritional values.1.) Cheeseburger in ParadiseJimmy BuffettThe USDA reports that a standard fast food cheese burger with a single large patty, condiments, and vegetables has 480 calories and 24 grams of fat.2.) Chicken FriedZac Brown Band1 Extra Crispy KFC drumstick has 150 calories and 9 grams of fat.3.) Bread and ButterNewbeatsOne piece of commercially prepared white bread with 1 tsp salted butter has 100 calories and 4.7 grams of fat.4.) Cherry PieWarrantPer the USDA database 1 piece of cherry (1/8 in for a 9 inch pie) pie prepared from recipe has 496 calories and 22 grams of fat.5.) Sugar SugarThe Archies2 Tbl of sugar and 2 Tbl Honey (sugar, ahh honey honey) have 225 calories, and 60 grams of sugar.6.) MilkshakeKelisMy milkshake (my own recipe) has 716 calories, 28 grams of fat, and 89 grams of sugar.7.) The Lemon SongLed Zeppelin1 lemon raw with peel has 22 calories.8.) Two Pina ColadasGarth BrooksAccording to the USDA database two pina coladas (4.5 fl oz each) prepared from recipe have a total of 491 calories, 5.3 grams of fat, and 63 grams of sugar.9.) Strawberry Fields ForeverThe Beatles1 acre of strawberry fields can product about 50,000 lb of strawberries. 50,000 lb of strawberries has 7,257,600 calories.10.) CreamPrince1 pint of heavy whipping cream has 1642 calories and 176 grams of fat.
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  • You have to add a number 11 Joe Diffy's " Good Brown Gravy" a B side song but to funny!
  • That is a lot of coffee songs Jack, on my first cup of the day now.
  • Alyson,
    Great stuff...Strawberry fields would be my favorite! I love coffee as well but had no idea that there were so many songs about it.
  • So cool, thanks for sharing Alyson!
  • Very witty, Alyson! Some of those calorie counts just stole my appetite, though.
  • Hey Alyson, thanks for the info. But I feel a little slighted. Coffee is a food group too! And here are a few suggestions for coffee songs:
    The Coffee Song by Frank Sinatra, or
    40 Cups of Coffee - Tennessee Earnest Ford, or
    5 Cups of Coffee - The Jayhawks, or
    89 Cent (Coffee on the Dashboard) - The Walkers, or
    A Cup of Coffee - Johnny Cash, or
    A Cup of Hot Coffee - The Outsiders, or
    A Lonesome Cup of Coffee - Mel Torme, or
    Acid Coffee - Sundown Park, or
    Addicted to Coffee - Regatta 69 - Punk Ska, or
    All of this can Caffeine Too! - The Vermin, or
    Bad Coffee - Carl Cox, or
    Black Coffee in Bed - Squeeze, or
    Caffeinated - Hellbender, or
    Coffee - Aesop Rock, or
    Coffee and TV - Blur, or
    Coffee Club - Spandau Ballet, or
    Coffee Girl - MK Ultra, or
    Coffee Mug - The Descendents, or
    Coffee Shop Mofo - JFA - Punk, or
    Kids on Coffee - The Descendents, or
    One Cup of Coffee - Bob Marley, or
    One More Cup of Coffee - Bob Dylan

    And the coffee nutrition fun fact is that one 8 ounce cup of coffee has 2 calories and 0 fat. Woo-hoo, drink more coffee!!
  • Paul - 1 lime (2" diameter) and the meat of one medium coconut have a combined total of 1425.48 calories.
  • Question: How many calories are there if you put the lime in the coconut and drink them both together?
  • I love it! Great post Alyson - I am also reminded of Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' (I have always had a soft spot for Disney cartoons) and a song in that movie called "Les Poisson" - If my memory serves me correctly, the chef is working on some fried fish and some stuffed crab. Both sound delicious to me, but maybe I will let the nutrition facts help me decide... If you want to reminisce, you can find the song here:
  • Nice work!
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