The Best Marketing Strategy Ever

Sorry gang, the battery on my Flip died at the end!What I didn't get to finish saying was:"The people that work the hardest to demonstrate to people they CARE will be the most likely to win" and of course to tell you to "Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Tues-day!"I knew I'd dig Crush it because I'm a big Gary V fan. What I underestimated was the impact reading it would have on my team.

The book inspires you to relentlessly chase your passion, to be authentic and to leverage social media to build your brand.One of the best money shots in the entire book:Chapter 9"The Greatest Marketing Strategy In The World"CAREI'll let you read it for Gary's insight on the subject.Here are mine:Many companies are trying to understand how to leverage social networks to market their brand. We get asked 50 times a day how do you get a Return On Investment in this social media. The answer is simple, make a Real Online Investment in demonstrating to your costumer that you care.How do you do that?Show them they are worth your time by investing it in getting to know them.Be curious and ask questions about who they are and what's important to then.Go out of your way to GIVE first to them.Be eager to find a way to add value to that moment of their life.Most importantly when they reward you with their attention make sure they know you appreciate it.What will you get earn in return?TRUSTHonest feedbackIdeasSolutionsLoyal fans who will tell and spread your story.That is the ROI.Who do you think does a good job at this?What brands do you think set the example?Tell us your stories!Amanda HiteFounder, CEO and Change AgentTalent Revolution Inc
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  • Amanda, I am also a big Gary V fan. I thought the book was fantastic as well. It certainly made me rethink some things. I've been focused more on listening, but sometimes there is nothing to hear if you're not helping to foster a conversation.

    We're really focused on trying to engage our clients in 2010, but we also want to engage the industry. I feel like many of the service providers and operators are very guarded when it comes to sharing information that may benefit someone else. For such a large industry, there should be more market research, more collaboration, and more aggregation of helpful data. I know it's a competitive arena, but as a rising tide lifts all boats, I think more communication would benefit everyone.

    I can go on and select almost any book and find numerous reviews that dissect the contents inside and out from a multitude of perspectives and backgrounds. I can only hope that the growth of social media will help foster that same transparency and scrutiny of technologies and software products; best practices for financing, operations, and marketing; and anything else that impacts the restaurant industry.
  • @Terri Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. Get the book and let's stay in touch and discuss piece by piece! I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog!
  • Perfection! That's exactly the model that consistently works, regardless of the industry. If you make it all about the other person and give it away, it always comes back - in multiples!

    Thanks for the post. I now have to run out and buy a book!!!
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