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The reason my business turned into an online business was a not because we set out out to capture our share of the online space, but instead, just like many business ideas, it was born out of necessity. In 2005, the food & beverage control consultancy I had established was growing and more of my customers were looking for tools and spreadsheets to help with their cost controls and profits in between my consulting visits.What I did was setup a basic website where my customers could download forms and templates whenever they wanted. Pretty soon, hundreds of businesses a day were accessing this website for the tools I myself was using to run my consulting business. It became clear that these templates were in demand and that I had a new business opportunity on my hands. That was 4 years ago and in this time, one simple website has grown into 7 different hospitality management resources which have been used by more than 3000 businesses.Starting today, I am making 140 of the most popular forms, templates, calculators and training manuals available to readers of at more than 60% off their normal price.Considering the economic turmoil happening at the moment in the global marketplace and our industry I wanted to make sure that both new and existing operators have the best chance to weather the storm by accessing the tools and templates I have been sharing with my most successful clients over the past 5 years.If you need more time in your day, more systems and solutions for each department, more ways to control your costs and identify profit possibilities, then now might be a great time to check out this toolkit.I’ll keep the price at 60% off until I sell 100 copies and will then revert to the original pricing, so if this is of interest, now is the time to get the best deal.Click Here For More Details Now
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