10 Reason’s Every Chef Should Have A.D.D.

As I read this article on the advantages of A.D.D. or Attention Deficit Disorder by Jennifer Koretsky, I was struck by how many of these strengths are essential to being a good chef. I have dealt with my own A.D.D. most of my life and had always considered it a blessing within my chosen occupation, but reading through this article helped to pin point the corelation between A.D.D. strengths and the characteristics of a successful chef.Creativity- It goes without saying, this is a big part of most chef positions and is usually what first draws us to the occupation.Drive- There are no successful lazy chefs, it is a hard job and without an insane amount of drive most would just flounder.Problem Solving- Whether it is coming up with the daily special from walk-in left overs or figuring out how to prepare food for 100 in a 5 sq.ft. work space, problem solving is definately at the top of the list of important skills.Resiliency- No matter the level of success you acheive, there are going to be set backs and screw ups, but with resiliency you can just keep rolling with the punches.Check out all 10 benefits listed in the article atExperiencing ADDvantages: 10 Benefits of Having Attention Deficit Disorder.Food Pro Resources
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