Light-Hearted Humor in the Restaurant

We all need humor in our lives. Think about the many reasons besides needing to eat that people come to your restaurant. They come to flirt, discuss, share, commiserate, mourn, love, rejoice and be in community. What's the thing we crave most? Humor. Good gentle mirth with each other.Do you exude a gentle humor to your customers? Do you provide the opportunity for your customers and crew to feel that positive energy and experience, especially when all hell is about to break loose?There's one way to get that fun attitude across. Share it via social media - with customers, potential customers and your crew. It might be easier to be fun and playful when you're at the desk.Martha Stewart interviewed Biz Stone, the founder of Twitter, and Mashable posted a clip caught by Silicon Valley Insider - where he talks about humor being a base reason for Twitter. Could this give you ideas?
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  • Jeff, I need to share with you the very best experience I've ever had at a restaurant. I was in attendance with friends. We all placed our orders with a good natured waiter who had mischief written all over his face! My friend, when ordering, pointed to the chicken parm on the menu while saying "I'll have the thingamabob". The waiter responded with "no problem".

    When dinner arrived hers was the last served. On the plate, decorated with parsley was a large piece of metal. Our waiter said "Ma'am, your thingamabob" and walked away. I laughed so hard I cried. The waiter of course brought her order shortly thereafter.

    When it came time for dessert, the waiter brought a nice tray of samples of us to review. My "friend" in her infinite wisdom proceeded to ask "is that real?" as she put her finger right through a cake. The waiter immediately responded yes and that she'd enjoy it. "Just try it", pointing to her cake covered hand. Embarrassed, she declined and offered to pay for the cake.
    Others are the table ordered dessert. When they arrived there were fake icing sugar finger prints on every piece and every plate. The waiter said "The chef felt it was only fair to retalitate."
    We still laugh about it.
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