Birthdays are a Great Excuse to Attract New Guests...

About 1/2 of all restaurants have a birthday rewards program for existing know..."tell us your birthday and we'll send you a coupon" kind of thing.Unfortunately, most restaurateurs don't realize that birthdays are a great (mostly untapped) way to reach customers who have never been to their restaurant.In fact, birthdays are the most celebrated holiday on the planet, and almost 70% of Americans go out to eat at a restaurant to celebrate!Here's how to take advantage of this:1. Find a list of people who are having birthdays next month in your community (Google "buy birthday lists" for options),2. Remove the names from the list of your current customers,3. Write a letter about your restaurant and offering a gift to "come in and try",4. Send the letters out to the list (minus the current customers)!It's really that easy (and really that hard).We've been doing this for restaurants all across the nation (400+) and have seen response beyond all expectations.
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  • Speaking of birthday songs... check the FOHBOH video I posted, "The Bite-Me" Service Experience".
  • Keith...craziness on the part of the restaurant...not surprised they no longer exist.

    We actually advise our customers to make the birthday invitation good for the entire month, not just the actual "day of birth"...after all, the purpose is to get as many new guests to come in and experience the restaurant as possible, not see how few can be given out!

    We also advise no birthday performances...ever...for any reason...ever.

    The Gingerbread Man
  • @Keith...
    A promise is a promise... they should have given you your birthday dinner.
    Birthday Song: I've heard this before. But how do they collect their royalties globally? Interesting bakground on the varied versions.
  • I had a situation where I received a birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. This particular year my birthday was on Thanksgiving and the place was closed.

    I went the next day and was told that since I wasn't there ON my birthday, they wouldn't honor it. "Corporate policy". It made me upset, because it was a favorite place and I referred a lot of business there. They tried to make ammends by offeringa half price dessert !

    Incidentally, the place closed shortly after that instance. No, I didn't give them bad lip service, although it crossed my mind.

    The other thing Singing the traditional "Happy Birthday" in restaurants is considered a "performance" and therefore, royalties must be paid, because it is a copyrighted song. That's why you hear different , sometimes bizarre performances of a birthday song.
  • I'm wondering why my icon is a gingerbread man...doesn't seem to fit my personality.

  • October-November are the peak of birth DATES in the wolrd.
    #1 birth DATE in the world is October 5th
    Better get ready folks!
    Timely post... thanks Rod!
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