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Think Like A MusicianMusicians amaze me. A lot like a good chef, they are consumed with creating wonderful things. On the flip side, they need to expand and massage their fans, satisfy them and bring in revenue. The similarities are unique; a restaurant also needs to expand and massage its customers, satisfy them and bring in revenue.With only 10% of affordable fine-dining restaurants using social media, I thought an introduction to how musicians have completely embraced this new communication world would be of benefit.Let’s look at how a New England based musician is growing his fan base and supporting his family, predominantly by using social media.

Joe Iadanza, based in Long Island NY, has been described as Dylan-esque. You can listen to him here: Joe Iadanza With a critically released CD and an upcoming tour in the Netherlands, how is Joe increasing his fan base through social media?Facebook. Twitter. MySpace. Feedburner. YouTube. Flickr. and, a dynamic website.I follow Joe; have been for a little while now. He’s a friend of another musician friend of mine who’s just jumping into social media. Everyday, Joe says one, two or three short messages to his fans over a few of his social networks.Yesterday, it was about being stuck in traffic at 1 mph, heading to a show on Cape Cod – oh, and by the way, don’t go over the bridge he was on and that he really had to pee. Earlier in the week he had announced that show. Late that night, on his way back, he let everyone know how much fun he had playing to that particular crowd. He’s engaged. He’s producing compelling content with pictures from shows. He’s telling a story about what he does. That keeps his fan base interested – and they share his music with their friends.I wonder often how many customers a restaurant could bring in this way. In the morning the chef gets a message out with a picture – of him checking that fine fresh new fish in – and in the message perhaps saying you never want to buy a fish who’s eyes aren’t right and that doesn’t smell of the sea. Later in the afternoon, the sommelier might take a 30 second video and send it out – of him pouring a glass of that great white wine that would match perfectly with the fish the chef just bought. And then, just before dinner’s staff pre-meal, they take another picture – or maybe a quick video of pre-meal – talking about and showing that great fish entrée, with the wait staff tasting it and the wine prior to service.That would bring me in. Heck – I’d hit that share button on Facebook and Twitter and send it to my friends.The social web is waiting for your creativity. Your future guests want to know more about you. Your existing fans want a little love and attention. Its game time, offers consulting and strategic social media planning and execution. We are adept at providing human resource solutions to your social media needs.
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  • Excellent article. We have created a following for our website using the social media, and generated over 2.4 million hits to our site. We continue to encourage our restaurant customers to get on board and enjoy the benefits of increased traffic to their restaurant.
  • Keith, Thank you! I love your engagement, community, observations and dialogue. Stay tuned for a new topic next 24 hours :)
  • Jeffrey, Again great correlation. I like the music aspect.

    Social Media are just another aspect to get the words out, but at a faster pace.
    I firmly believe it will be necessary, and yes, somewhat imperative to complement
    the campaign or "niche" with something, such as music. Also fashion, travel, sports are possibilities.

    Someone asked me what "social media" was about. I said think of it as "play by play" sports (or news, too, really). You'll get the information as it is happening , not weeks or months later. Social media are way over due in my opinion, particularly in the food, hospitality and travel sectors.

    Enjoy your discussions, immensely. keep 'em coming ! Keith
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