"Action without Vision is a Nightmare."The hard truth is that if you don't create your life, someone else will create it for you. Yes, sometimes s*#t happens that leads to experiences we didn't plan for, and some of those experiences become defining moments in our lives. But, there are plenty of other moments that WE define and drive based on our mindset and the actions we take. Stop letting life happen to you and start making it happen for you.Some tips on defining what you want:1) Write a bucket list with 100 things you want to do before you die.2) Define the lifestyle you want in every major area of your life (Career, Family, Relationships, Health, Spirituality, Recreation etc.).3) Define your talents and your passion. Have an honest conversation about what your talents are and what they are not. Discover areas where you can apply those talents to meaningful work that inspires passion inside you.4) Share these outcomes with everyone you know."Vision without Action is a Daydream."Too often, we're all talk. It drives me nuts to hear someone say, "I'm gonna...I want to...One day I hope to..." What are you doing right now, in this moment, to take action to make those things happen? Each day, you're either a day closer to your vision or you're not. It's your pick. Taking action on an idea is the only real way we discover whether or not the idea works. Spend less time talking, planning and deciding how you're going to do something. Spend more time defining a clear vision and taking action that will help you learn and push you towards your outcome.Nightmares keep you up at night. Daydreams waste your time. Define what you want , and start living the dreams that matter.Amanda HiteTalent Revolution Inc
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  • I feel ya 110%! .. You hit it right on the head. In this world a person either talk or do, its just that simple. And often times its no teacher better than experience in some form. Stepping out there so you can see where u may need to make adjustments or fine tune some things along your course..

    You know when i talk to people it always seem like its a certain "fear" of some kind. It's like they don't know what the fear is, but it's that hesitation in their steps before they make a move. I often tell some of my younger cousins, " you can make every excuse not to do something, how about a reason on why you should do something". It's amazing really.

    2 Thumbs up! Enjoyed your vid and discussion... If you're thinking of another topic, speak on the "mystical magical Fear of the unknown!"

    Happy holidays to All
  • Great sayings! I can't disagree. Everyone should read this and apply it to their life.

    Thanks you for those words Amanda
  • @John, I love you man.
  • yes to all of the above. Got to think deeper about just being bumped along by life. Thanks for this.
    My question is - $5*% Amanda, how do you look so good?
  • @Susan You Go! Thanks for sharing another example of making it happen!
    @Kacy Great add on. I agree 100% the one thing that's guaranteed is C-H-A-N-G-E
    @Sarah Thanks, and thanks to you and fohboh for the platform to share.
    @Keith Always love it when you join the conversation especially when it involves kudo's
    @Alan Right on TalentDay! I like AND much better than OR.
  • AmandaH and Sarah: TuesDay is TalentDay!
    KacyO: When you're faced with a choice - try and find a way to do both!
    SusanH: A powerful story in the making....
    KeithB: Repetition is Retention!
  • This was so good on TR I had to watch and comment again !!
    Awesome terrific and even better to watch the 2nd time, 3rd 4th et al !!
  • Great stuff Amanda! I always look forward to Tuesdays, informative, positive, and it!
  • What a fantastic way to start my Tuesday or any day of the week for that matter.:) The one thing that I would add to this is that it is OK to take a different turn. Take control but if you head one direction and it does not work out exactly like your vision don't beat yourself up...keep going...keep moving...keep defining your life. Thanks Amanda for sharing your passion. I really needed to hear the inspiration today.
  • Oh yes! Could not like it any more - it's what I did after my partner died - not consciously - I just defined for myself where I wanted go with the paper and my life and began doing it! I love it!
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