It doesn’t have to be work!

We all have to have a career…how we define our career is what sets us apart and makes us either happy or, well, not so happy.A career is needed to provide an incomeA career is needed and frankly it is healthy, provides direction and organizationA career is one of the places where we meet others and expand our networkA career doesn’t have to be bad and it doesn’t have to be defined by someone else, it can be defined by you.You need an Ultimate Career Lifestyle. Let’s break it down word by wordUltimate – this means it is exactly what “you” want to do, not what anyone else has defined for you or what was laid in front of you when you were looking for a “job”. Ultimate means there is no other career for you but the one you are in now. It is the “soulmate” of your talents. When applied, it just happens, makes you feel awesome when you do it, and at the end of the day, you go, “Hell, where did the time go” because you were so engaged with your soulmate you couldn’t stop. Can you feel it? Have you ever completed a “bucket list” of careers you would like to have? That would define “Ultimate” now wouldn’t it!!!!Career – we all gotta have one right. It is the industry or business path you have chosen or in the case of a Ultimate Career Lifestyle it has chosen you.Lifestyle – It is the way “you” chose to live. If you love the water, your lifestyle should be centered around the water. If you love flying, your lifestyle should spend a lot of time in the wild blue yonder. If you love speaking, your lifestyle should be in front of a lot of people. If you lover serving others and food, you should be in the restaurant business. When you incorporate your lifestyle and career it becomes a part of you. You no longer have to focus on your work/life balance… is already happening.So an Ultimate Career Lifestyle is your professional soulmate. You do everything for your soulmate because you love them, and for no other reason than that. It is what you want to do, not what you have to do.You can tell when a restaurant operator is living their Ultimate Career Lifestyle, because you get everything you want, when you want, the way you want it, and it just happens, no work involved!Are you living your Ultimate Career Lifestyle or are you still looking for it? If you don’t love your restaurant……..well you know what happens from there and so does your guest!
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  • That has got to be one of the coolest ideas/best practices for focus I have heard in a long time! Thanks WanderingFoodie!!!
  • I wake up every morning and write "I am an adventure travel food personality" at the top of the list of goals I have for my life. If it takes the next ten years of writing that each morning for it to come true, that'll be fine with me.
  • Thanks Peter!

    Glad to hear from you Debra and thanks for the comment
  • Well said!
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