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Your Facebook fan page doesn't seem to be adding any new fans. You blog is not receiving many hits, your website seems old even though you just built it. These are a few of the problems with social networking being just an ad for your restaurant. Yes that is the main reason you do it, to advertise about your goods and services. How do you keep those people that already know who you are and what you do coming back to see more?Keep It Fresh And Fun!Don't allow your fan to know what is going to be on your post the next time they tune in. mix it up. Post some pictures, create a video, tell a story. Have fun and make it fun for your fan. Get them to look forward to your next post and keep them guessing.You say the restaurant business is pretty cut and dry. Location and Food, What else is there. How about posting pics of your guest enjoying your establishment? How about creating mystery about your location? How about creating a you find it game that gets rewarded. How about a video about some fictional event that has happened. Keep it simple, Keep it fun, Mix it Up.To see what I mean see my FOHBOH page and view the two videos, You can get there from there and Lobsters revolt at Cook's Lobster House. Silly, informative, great for return visitor to our sites.
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