On a flight last week, I was sitting next to a boy and a girl who were both in their mid twenties. The girl noticed the “start-up magazine” in my bag, pointed to it and said to the boy, “Hey, have you heard of this magazine?” It was an obvious and awkward moment where I knew she wanted me to ask, “Do you have a start-up? If so, what do you do?” So.. I asked, she enthusiastically said, “YES!“ and then, blushing, said “OK. Here’s my spiel.” Her “partner” winked and gave her a look that said, "You go girl. You’ve got this!"She gave me their scripted pitch as if she’d rehearsed it 100 times in the mirror. I had flashbacks of feeling how she did in that exact moment. Except my flashback was from a time more recent than you think. They told me that they both recently graduated with MBAs and, after six unsuccessful months on the job market, decided to start a business.It’s happening with everyone. Baby Boomers aren’t retiring. They're starting businesses. Gen-Y'rs are graduating college only to be disappointed by the lack of opportunity within the job market. And X'ers are having early mid life crisis's like I did and wondering "Am I missing out on something here? Should I be opting out of corporate america and chase my dreams?"I’m having these conversations every day with friends and people in my network, including people from all age groups. This certainly has become the cool trend.As I approach the anniversary of my first year as a full-time entrepreneur and reflect back on the highest of highs and lowest of lows, I wonder: Do some of these people have what it takes? Starting your own business doesn’t always work out like the Facebook fairytale. I’ve learned that if you don’t have a ton of cash you have to be resilient as hell, that you must have a strong network and a boatload of Social Currency built up with that network (thank you @unmarketing), and you have to be willing to push yourself so far out of your comfort zone that it sometimes makes you want to throw up.Not everyone’s cut out for it. In fact, maybe most people aren’t cut out for it.What do you think?Does entrepreneurship require a certain DNA? If so, what’s the profile?If you have experience in entrepreneurship, what tips would you give someone starting out?Amanda HiteFounder Change AgentTalent Revolution Inc.A drastic change in thinking and behaving with talent.

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  • @Paul The quote is awesome AND I dig your mission statement. I always appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas.
  • Entrepreneurs... risk takers... winners...

    I just heard a quote recently from a woman whose name I can't remember (my apologies to the author from this old waiter). She is was born with a condition that ultimately caused the amputation of her right leg as a child. One day her mother gave her a book/article (?) about amputee skiing champions. Later in life she too became a skiing champion and inspiration to many.

    Her quote:
    "It's not so much about falling down. Winning is achieved by those that can get up the fastest and not necessarily those that are the best"

    @Doug... comitting to the game is the scary part. Once in the fight... most will go the distance to win or retire... whichever comes first.

    There's no guarantees... just opporunities. No matter your talent, the hardest step is the first step.

    Make It Fun.. Make It Easy... Make Some Money !!! TM
    In that order! My company's mission statement.

    As always, stimulating post, Amanda.
  • @keith lov ya man
    @doug I was hoping you'd chime in I really respect your experience on this topic
  • Awesome post Amanda. I have started a few businesses myself over the years. Most which were relatively successful. Some.... not so much. It does take a certain work ethic and ALOT of faith in yourself. If you don't have either of those... STAY on the sidelines.

    After many months of preperation and soul searching I started my own venture earlier this month. My past failures will certainly increase my odds for success.

    Without risk... there is no reward.

    Love your posts. Keep 'em coming!
  • @Amanda,
    Let me interject a couple of things :
    Regarding the cultural thing vs DNA : I think the "social media" entrepreneurship is a cultural thing on the way to becoming a DNA in the "landscape", as it were.

    It is still a relatively new phenomenon and once we get the "establishment" of
    old entrepreneuership to accept it, it will continue to be cultural until it can develop into fu ll fledge social media DNA, so to speak.

    The whole discussion reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live skit about
    "Shimmer" Dan Aykroyd and Gilda Radner were arguing if it was a "dessert topping" or a "floor wax".
    Chevy Chase comes in and says it is "both" . Aykroyd says: "Tastes Great" and Radner says "Just look at that shine .

    Not to ramble, but I think you'll get the idea.
  • Bill, I checked out the blog. I like the mindsets you defined. Thanks for sharing. Over at TR there's a hot debate about if it's a cultural thing vs a dna. What are your thoughts on that?
  • Amanda,

    It has been said that "great minds think alike."
    I have been working on what you have coined as "The Entrepreneurial DNA" for a few weeks now.

    I have put together what I might call, "The 10 Building Blocks" of the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

    You can view them at:

    I am also about half way through defining each element in its purest form:

    "Helping You Achieve Your Greatest Self"
  • Here's what the community over at TR had to say
  • @Leslie ; "Tanger" I like that !
  • @keith thx for adding a different way of thinking in the spirit of entrepreneurship!
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