Social Media Strategy - How To Become A STAR

SHOULD I INVEST TIME INTO SOCIAL MEDIA?Having a twitter account, facebook page, linkedin profile, YouTube video or other social media assets without a strategy is a bad idea.As an owner of a restaurant, or really any business you have to understand why you would invest time and in some cases money into a campaign, site, or service before jumping into.A MOTHER'S WISDOMAs my mother always said..."If Bobby jumped off the bridge would you jump?" When I was younger I probably would have said yes. LOL. (Lots of Laughs) Now that I am a bit older and a tad wiser the answer would be:" Yes mom I would jump off the bridge with Bobby, if it made sense, it's safe, beneficial and help me achieve my goals. ;-)STRATEGYStrategy is important. In the following presentation I have outlined a Strategy I use for making decisions I call it A STAR.A stands for AssessAssess where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow.S stands for StrategyDefine the strategy on-line and offline.T stands for Tactics Select tactics that will work for you and you're comfortable with whether you do them yourself or hire people to do them for you.A stands for ActionTake action. If you do everything above and fail to take action you have already failed. (i.e. set up a twitter account and never twitter.)R stands for Results Define what you hope to gain as results and measure against it. (i.e. use coupon codes on twitter to get five new customers, promote my new menu of facebook and get five comments and increase traffic to my website by 100 visits a week.)Enjoy the presentation and let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to your comments.
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  • I can understand the slower adoption. Most owners, chefs, and operators are working day in and day out serving their customers and managing the business. Social media if misunderstood could look like a waste of time, but it has value. I've seen it work for single operators and corporations. The FohBoh Social Media Kitchen consulting group sounds great. Kudos on it's launch and I'll be adding more value where I can.
  • Hey, thanks Dan, good stuff.

    The restaurant industry is generally slower to adopt technology than other industries. Social media is no different. We couldn't agree more that a strategy is a key success factor. This is one of the reasons we recently launched the FohBoh Social Media Kitchen™ as our consulting group.

    While it's great to test social media tactics, like Twitter, strategy is something that needs customization and execution...forever.
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