You'd have to be living on another planet to not notice that we’re going through big changes in our lives.Some of the changes like the economy and employment situation are really hard to swallo.Other changes, like the ones happening on the technology front, make me feel like I just won the the fact that I can run my business from my iPhone.“It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent of species that will survive, but it’s those who are most responsive to change." - Charles DarwinI realized this as a kid, when my family moved sometimes as often as every 3-6 months. While constantly changing schools and having to make new friends sucked, I discovered it came with a few advantages.Like getting a boatload of second chances.For example, in the 2nd grade, I peed my pants during recess in front of the whole class and as a result I was made fun of for the rest of the school year. But, when I changed schools in the 3rd grade, no one knew about the event and I had a clean slate. At my new school I was the best break dancer in our grade which eventually made me the coolest kid in class.I learned a long time ago that when you're responsive to change, you usually end up ok. .Amanda HiteFounder, CEO Change AgentTalent Revolution Inc
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  • @bartolomeu thanks for sharing! as for your question for me it would be easier to answer what haven't I changed ; )
  • @toni - love the big word!
    @debra - well said
    @bill - Bill, I don't know what to say but thank you.... it's moments like the one you just gave me that make me keep doing what I'm doing
    @keith - thank you too. And yes I do ; )
    @mel - awesome quotes
    @paul - thank you and very well put!
    @andy - god, i'm cursed with that word...
    @jeff - yes it is
  • Amanda,
    As someone that moved around quite a bit in my early years, I can relate! A couple of thoughts to echo yours.

    The only constant is change!
    Change is good!
  • and resiliency!
  • so fun to read your posts- Insightful and always makes me go hmmmm! Not to pun Letterman of course, but to say change is what happens when you ask questions that no one else in the room wants to ask?
  • Love you attitude on change. When I think of change three statements come to mind.

    " If change is so easy why don't you go first."
    " the only two people who really like change are babies with wet diapers, cashiers.

    " It is not the fast who eat the slow or the big who eat the small. It is the focused and the flexible who eat the unfocused and the inflexible."
  • Amanda,
    I echo Bill's comments.
    I, too am grateful for all of your help and encouragement.

    Take care,

    PS Do you still break-dance ??
  • Amanda,

    If ever you are feeling down,
    or just need a lift,

    Know that you have made a Change in someone's life.

    You have helped someone by your example..........Me.
    You have endeared someone by your stories...................Me.
    You have enriched someone by your words..............................again, Me.

    Great post &
    Thank you for all that you do,

  • Absofreakinlutely! Change is the only constant in life.
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