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Alright, so by natural path I am an:OperationalBusinessStrategyTrainerInNeededAreasToExcel….or OBSTINATE if you are looking for an acronym. If I had a nickel for every time someone said Andy, don’t be so damn obstinate this is a lot bigger issue than you think! Yeah, whatever…..I identify operational issues that are causing either a hardship to the guest, employees, or profit lines of restaurants. I then identify whether the issue at hand is:Don’t know (it’s simple….teach, train, hold accountable, reward)Can’t do (it’s simple…..eliminate, sad to do, but eliminate – I think that only 1 in 500 employees go in this category-very rare!)Don’t Care (it’s simple….eliminate, not sad, but you can’t do it fast enough)So, it’s on to taking care of the Don’t Knows! Some teaching and training have to take place here and it can be as simple as a one on one with your player all the way to a full training process created to teach the entire business the missing link. Either way, every training initiative, teaching, or coaching have to meet these four requirements to be successful.1. Your participant(s) have to enjoy the process2. Your participant(s) have to learn something from the process3. Your participant(s) have to change their behavior because of the process4. Your participant(s) have to apply the process to achieve an improved result.Fun, teaching, self-engaging, and accountable. Apply these four steps to any change you are trying to make in your business and poof, success!I know, it’s oversimplified, but leadership just like the restaurant business is not brain surgery, rocket science, or Nobel Peace Prizing winning stuff.“Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford
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