New Survey Studies Careers Of Managers And Chefs

NEW SURVEY STUDIES CAREERS OF MANAGERS AND CHEFS Have you ever wondered why some employees stay with a foodservice or restaurant organization for years while others leave within months? And, why some individuals are devoted professionals in their chosen field while others do little more than complete their shift and collect their paycheck? These and other questions about employee work behaviors have interested researchers for years. This study looks at how commitment affects an employee’s intent to stay in a foodservice or restaurant career. The study will explore the relationship between commitment, the employing restaurant, the occupation of manager or chef, and job intentions. SURVEY DATES. This survey is open NOW until Monday, May 25th, 2009. This survey focuses on foodservice or restaurant managers, chefs, pastry chefs, and cooks. If you are in one of these professions, you are invited to participate in this survey. For every completed survey $1 will be donated to the NRA Education Scholarship Fund for students studying restaurant management and culinary arts. Your participation will support the educational efforts of aspiring hospitality professionals. We are hoping for 1000 or more participants in this survey, and we are glad to make that donation to the NRA Education Scholarship Fund for every single respondent – will you be one of them? All survey responses are voluntary and confidential. There is no list of individuals who have completed the survey or how many individuals responded to the questions. All information collected by the survey software rolls into one data report for analysis. You can be assured that your responses are confidential. What you tell us in this survey makes a difference. This research study will be used for a doctoral dissertation and, ultimately, to help foodservice and restaurant organizations design practical programs to retain the best managers, chefs, and cooks. Please accept my sincere gratitude for taking your time to complete this survey. Your participation in this research will help to send $1000 to the Education Scholarship Fund. And, thank you for your involvement and your dedication to our industry. Warmest Regards, Nancy Caldarola Doctoral Student Click to Continue IF YOU WANT MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE STUDY This research is being supervised by Dr. JD Eveland, Professor of Business Administration and Information Systems at TUI University. Dr. Debra Cannon of Georgia State University and Dr. Ron Needleman of Nova Southeastern University complete the doctoral committee. If you would like more information you can contact: • Nancy Caldarola at • Dr. JD Eveland at 714-816-0366 x2023 or at • Dr. Afshin Afrookhteh, Chair of the TUI University Institutional Review Board at 714-226-9840 x2004 or at
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