What is wrong with Michigan?

Here's a good message from Chef Ryan Parker- He's a friend of mine on Facebook-Chef Ryan says...I dont mind if the reporters say that we played poorly. It's the point by point, all around beatdown as if they were jr high players.What is worse is in every article written about the Final Four or Detroit or Michigan is that the state of Michigan is not worthy of positive press. I would like to see an article now written about the spartans got this far. With the hard work and blue collar style that has always made Michigan (the state and team) the backbone of the midwest. The simple truth of the matter is this: it is time to stop sitting back and letting the media tell us, and the whole world, the state is bad because of the car companies.It is time for michiganders to find what is right about michigan and to celebrate it. Do you believe that anyone would want to move their business to Michigan if all they hear is what the general media portrays. I would like to remind everyone that Michigan is second, only behind California, in the country that produces enough (and varied enough) products, agriculturally to sustain itself, which is a heck of a feat.Yes, I understand it is fashionable to say Michigan is down and out, and for the most part it is the truth. So how do we fix this? As a community we need to turn inward, find the positive, support your local businesses, local farmers, local restaurants, and all of the mom and pop retail outlets that you can.Here is one suggestion that is easy to give a shot: Next time you go shopping, see if you can purchase at least 10% of your products that are made in Michigan.Now some of these products may cost a few cents more, heck they may cost a few dollars more, but what will you be doing for YOURMichigan.Think what we could do if we shortened our food supply chain, and kept our money in the state, and stopped buying as many products shipped in from other states and other countries.The little step (the 10%) can generate millions of dollars that stay in the state of Michigan's economy.OK, If you like this note, copy it to your own notes page and TAG 25 new people to send it to in Michigan.GO State, as in GO Michigan!!!Fresh since '74I really have to agree with Chef Ryan! And would like to add that Earthy Delights is a Michigan company & we want to thank all of you for all of your support for the last 24 years!Patti xoxo
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