One of your major competitors in your marketplace gets awarded a prestigious Michelin Star and threatens to grab a major slice of your market share.What can you do?You could aim to neutralise the Michelin Star by looking for a weakness in the strength of Michelin. Not just a weakness in your competitor but a weakness in their strength - their Achilles Heel.Here's one possibility:Pascal Rémy, a Michelin inspector, and also a former Gault Millau (a rival to Michelin) employee, wrote a tell-all book in 2004, claiming that Michelin had become extremely lax in its standards. He gave evidence that, though the guide claims to visit all 4,000 reviewed restaurants every 18 months in order to keep the guide up to standards, they are actually visited about every 3.5 years, unless a specific complaint had been made. Rémy's employment was terminated. He brought a court case for unfair dismissal, which was unsuccessful.18 months is a long time in the restaurant industry; 3.5 years is even longer - standards can and do slip; chefs leave or get sick; suppliers and their supplies change; even ownership could change.Introducing the Mystery Testing Once-a-Month vs Once-a-Year game - Frequent consistently good standards vs infrequent inconsistent great standards.Let the restaurant standard games begin and let the market make their choice?
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