I’m here in Dallas at the Women’s Foodservice Forum Convention and learning a lot. Last year was the first time I had attended the event...check out my Top 10 Blog Recap from 2008.I’m becoming a huge advocate of the organization and I love their mantra, “Elevating Women Leaders.” I'm taking full advantage of the smorgasbord of Strong Successful Women Mentors. As would be expected, attendance is down from last year. But, here is something that is very telling of the organization and it’s impact: Since I've been here I’ve talked to a handful of woman that actually paid their own way to get here. While their company said, "not this year," these women said, "I’m not missing it. I’m investing in me." To me, that speaks volumes. There are a few of us covering the event via Twitter. If you want to follow the conversation, visit and search for #wff or follow me @sexythinker. So far, a pretty popular tweet included a link that showed how accomodating the Gaylord has been:"With the number of woman at this conference the gaylord had to make a few mods #wff"
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