To watch video -The power of Twitter in Restaurant Businessvisit Restaurant Marketing Online.The video is an inspirational to many especially restaurant entrepreneurs who come to America with a dream to make it big in restaurant industry. Though it might seem overnight success, it is not. There is years of dedication in the art of food, passion for what Mark Manguera and Roy Choi believed in. Nothing derailed their conviction. Few months ago, when they were just starting, no body would want to try their food let alone buy the food. Mark even had to beg people to try the food. This was a humble begining unwilling to take “no” for answer. They were persistent and kept on moving ahead pushing hard. They introduced their food to new customers one at a time. Once they ate the food, they couldn’t believe it was that delicious. They couldn’t help but spread the words and become their die hard fans.Kogi Korean BBQ restaurant is not a new thing in LA restaurant market space. After all there are so many similar restaurants all around LA. So the question is what did Kogi Korean BBQ do to get so much attention from the media, press to die hard fans who would keep on chasing for the truck in the middle of the night. The answer to that is they stood out from the rest of the average restaurants to be one of the coolest mobile restaurant. They set the trend by being different and taking the restaurant to their customers and not the other way around. They also had a remarkable product-fresh juicy burritos and tacos with unique authentic Korean and Mexican flavour. Once people ate it, people felt as if they died and gone to heaven. They couldn’t help but keep on talking to their friends and to every one they met. This started spreading like wild fire and even reached to the halls of LA times and many other Los Angeles media press.In my opinion the most important factor to its quick success and popularity is social media like blogs,Flickr and Twitter to name few. These new media has made it possible to any body to spread their ideas quickly and gain success provided they understand the social media and use it effectively to their restaurant marketing advantage. Kogi Korean BBQ has maintained a blog and within the blog they have incorporated Flickr and also Twitter. Never before was it this easy for any small independent restaurant like Kogi to engage with it’s customer this closely sharing photos, videos and comments. Blog has made it possible for restaurants like Kogi to communicate back and forth with it’s customers and understand exactly what they like and dislike. They also have used Flickr to share the happy moments and may be some funny ones too with their customers. Customers are given an opportunity to express their love of food. Once they capture them in their lenses they make it available on their blog so they can cherish the moment even days, weeks, years later. They have taken this one step further. If picture is worth 1000 words then video is million words worth. They have used video to share some of their road trips with their die hard fans and displaying those mouth watering tacos and burritos not just to people in Los Angeles but virtually to the whole world. The fact that it was in LA times I also watched the video though I am not in the vicinity.However since the video has a great impact on me, when I visit LA I will definitely be one of them chasing Kogi Korean BBQ in the middle of the night after my night club social time.Lastly the most powerful tool they have leveraged in communicating with their customers is Twitter. Considering that it has to fight all the heavy traffic through LA while moving from one place to another, the timings can be off from the schedules. This is the time when Twitter comes in handy. They can tweet about their situation whether they are in traffic or anything that is causing delay. That way at least customers can be well informed and wait there for the juicy tacos even if the wait is for 2 hours. Twitter would also allow them to tweet the specials of the day or any new menu updates they would make. Twitter is a freely available tool on the internet and they have used it effectively to their advantage.When you look at it’s history, it is barely 4-5 months now and they are so popular with in this short period of time. We would be pondering how on earth is this possible to a new concept restaurant which didn’t have any brand recognition at all. Well this is possible due to power of internet technology and social media tools. Never in the history has it been this easier and faster for any restaurant to spread their ideas and create a great brand which would take years with the traditional medias.
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