Why Twitter matters to foodservice

Gary Vaynerchuk is a well known social media guru who walks his talk. He has expanded his family's wine store in NJ through his blogs, video, Twitter, etc. This video shows why we need to be tuned in to Twitter - our customers sure are!
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  • David - thanks for the great examples!
  • Example tweet... from a Pizzeria in Brooklyn called Motorino.

    Tonight we mourn the Artichoke Pizza's last hurrah and celebrate the arrival of the Ramp Pizza!!

    Leads to a simple picture of ramps on their Facebook page,
  • Start simple and do not let social media / Twitter to intimate you. The goal is to leverage a new channel which allows you to easily communicate with your "followers" or those who love your food. Share specials, events, and news to start off with. If you picked up some amazingly fresh seasonal ingredients, share it quickly. Play around and converse with your customers. I love this line from the Word of Mouth Marketing Manifesto, "People are already talking. Your only option is to join the conversation."

    Here is an insightful article on social media in the restaurant biz,

    Here are 2 NYC restaurants that are playing around with Twitter. Maybe you will find some inspiration for your own "tweets".

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  • Hi Austin - I'm @ktmaconline
  • Hi Austin- You can follow me @AaronWeiche and/or our restaurant web service at @TasteTrend. Thanks for asking!
  • What are your twitter names? I can be found at and You can also search twitter to find out what people are saying about you or related topics at
  • KT- You can do endless searches and find comments and conversations taking place on different restaurants, coffee shops and so forth.

    As far as using Twitter, Pancheros (burrito chain) is just one great example. They leverage social media to interact (LISTEN) with customers, create buzz, execute trivia contests with it and more. Many of their locations are now featuring signage to let the public know they are on Twitter. It's not a mass marketing vehicle, but it is a great niche tool to interact and get valuable face time (screen time) with consumers. With nearly 1,000 followers on Twitter they are forming stronger relationships for sure.
  • Taste Trend -
    I think specific foodservice examples would help FohBoh members - please post when you come across. Thanks
  • Sorry, here is the link (actually linked) to the book on Twitter & business:
  • KT- These types of examples are all over the place. Twitter and other social media tools are allowing more consumers to have a voice and INFLUENCE other consumers. Good or bad, there is conversation and listening about businesses big and small online, not just static web pages.

    A book called Twitter Means Business looks at Twitter in the business world and highlights a number of business uses and the companies using it like Comcast, JetBlue, Whole Foods and more.
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