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Working on creating a tagline for a seafood company. A special seafood company, one that will provide a sustainable, healthy, delicious supply of a wonderful marine white fish, cobia (aka lemonfish) using open ocean aquaculture methods, unlike traditional fish farms. Using the new era technology is enviromentally respectful to the oceans and their stakeholders. Like everyone on earth.Back to taglines. I have noticed some from really big firms that really stink:Connect Together – Which ad guru came up with this one for Safeway? Is there any other way to connect?Moving Forward. I should hope so. It’s a car.Reach Higher. Do you think you could be any more generically meaningless?Born From Jets. Well, so are BMWs, Mitsubishis, etc. And, who gives a flying thimble? BMWs are also born from Gas Chambers (Bayerische Motoren Werke made them during WWII.)Grab Life By The Horns. Judging by Dodge's reliability record (Ram Tough, my butt) you'll actually be grabbing your mechanic by the neck. Often.Work Hard. Fly Right. I hate this Continental Airline tag. I work any way I choose. And my work does not include flying planes.It truly surprises me that creative advertising agency minds and fantastic marketing geniuses at big firms can come up this stuff like this.
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  • "smart fish that taste great"

    My first thought was 'good try'....but upon further contemplation....I'm not sure people want their fish (or any food for that matter) to 'be smart'.

    Civilized people generally don't eat smart animals. Dolphins, Whales, Elephants, Chimps etc.

    Remember the Mary Tyler Moore fiasco with lobsters? She mistakenly thought the noise coming out of the boiling pot of water was a lobster screaming in pain. We now know that lobsters can't feel pain and that it was just heated air escaping from the shell. Remember, this is an animal that loses limbs regularly during frequent battles with other lobsters but grows them back. This same animal expodes its shell off to grow another one. It would really suck to feel pain if you were a lobster.

    I realize I'm rambling, so forgive me, but from a marketing standpoint, one should never 'humanize' your food.

    The namethis concept is great. I'm going to have to try this myself for a project I'm working on.

    Personally, I think the name 'Lemonfish' has all the sex and romance it needs. As far as a 'tagline', I will need to ponder further. I think 'Open Ocean' will come into play for this.

    It does make me wonder how Tilapia ever got so's an okay fish but it's also been heavily abused on the production side....pumped with water (STPP), it's been packed to only 60-70% of it's stated net weight, it's been subbed and misnamed as catfish, grouper, sole etc)...but it still has legs....HMMM...must be the price point...

    BTW, not too many people know this, but US Farm Raised Catfish is now marketed as DELICATA. Good for the marketing team and sales staff...but not so good for the unknowing customer who thinks they're ordering a new exotic specie that they've never tried before.
    There is simply not enough lipstick for that pig.
  • oh by the way here is my tagline for your company
    "smart fish that taste great"

    Let me know if you do namethis and I will add it to the mix and see how many votes I get.
  • looking for a tagline using a community is a good start. look at for $99 you can input your product and ask a community of people to add a name or tag line. The community votes on the best one (you can vote also). I just did it for my lead generation module for Tripleseat and the winner was Booking Maitre'D. It's a lot of fun to watch how people interpret your product and add a name/tagline to it. For $99 it is short money (compared to Pepsi who spent millions on a lame logo redesign)
  • Doug,
    I get your point :)...but, is it necessary to talk down to customers? I bet you a million that you have not done so in your career. Maybe I am out of date or ahead of my time, regardless, it makes good business sense to embrace a respect, honor and appreciation of every single customer a business is fortunate enough to have. High IQ or otherwise. So, when a major auto company has a tag of "Moving Forward"...I just don't get it. How does that single out the benefits of purchasing their products? I am sensitive to it all now because I am on a project to create a winning forgive me if I am over the top.

  • Some of these ad agencies are more brilliant than you think. Morons are consumers too.To connect with morons sometimes you have to think like a moron. Genius. Pure Genius ;)
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