Gifts from the Recession

I know we’re in a recession when I went to the ATM this morning and it said “insufficient funds” and I wonder if it’s them or me.Last year this time I had just purchased a nice pair of Prada’s, I was planning a sexy trip to Cozumel and enjoying the benefits of non-commercial air travel. This year I’ve considered selling the Prada’s to make my car payment, hiring a virtual assistant from another company for cheaper labor and hitting on airline employee’s as a lame attempt to have access to buddy passes. I’ll spare you more details and say this, the 'how to get by tricks' I learned when I first left home at 18 are coming in handy these days.How do I feel about it? I'm grateful.For one I realize I could have it so much worse. But most of all I’m thankful for the powerful lesson’s the recession’s teaching me.Here are the gifts I’ve received already because of it:• A chance to pursue purpose filled and passionate work• A new found appreciation for the quality of my relationships• Life lessons on humbleness, ego-less and how to do more with lessI look forward to the end of these crappy time but while we're here we might as well learn and grow.PSOur friends at The People Report are conducting a survey on how our industry is responding to current economic conditions at the unit level and the corporate level? To find out, please complete this 5 question survey, and they will send you the results the week of March 9th.CLICK HERE FOR THE SURVEYAmanda HiteTalent Revolution Inc.a drastic change in thinking and behaving with talent.
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  • Good post Amanda. We truly need to set aside time every day to count our blessings in challenging times. A wise man (or woman) once said..."In times of great prosperity, DON"T USE IT ALL!"
  • Amanda,

    Love the post ! Very upbeat !
    Hope you get to Cozumel, soon. It is one of my very favorite places.
    As for sexy, probably the "sexiest" place I've been to was Kauai Hawaii.
    It just has that appeal.
  • @jeff good point
    @mark I'll have to look up the allstate commercial on youtube. Funny, in your last line I think you meant to write "small" and wrote mall instead. When I read it I said "aww the mall" thinking how I miss it!
  • I believe it’s Allstate that has the commercial about the little things. The commercial starts out something like, “once the hysteria of the economic situation ends, people take a breath and enjoy the small things", boy is that true. Learning to appreciate the mall things again, how refreshing.
  • Great post Amanda. I look at life in seasons and I have also embraced this difficult season as a learning opportunity. When cash is tight you have to sink or swim. While it may be tough for us, it is also tough on our competitors.
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