To watch the video part visit Restaurant Branding7 Important Aspects Of Great Restaurant Brands:When you talk about a restaurant brand, it is a trade mark or identity of a company that reflects the quality of it’s product or service. For example Starbucks is a brand. Starbucks- it’s name and the logo embodies the representation of the quality coffee, great service and experience that the company provides to the customers. So restaurant brand is a uniform recognition of a company’s quality product,service or experience that is derived from the art of great marketingWatch the video and listen from David Schoenecker who talks about his experience and perception about a local pizza restaurant branding. There are seven key aspects for any restaurant brands to be successful. They are as follows:1. Are Always Consistent2. Provide excellent and unique experience3. Have Unique Brand position4. Have Specific Target Market5. Have same quality equipments and products6. Constantly Timely Delivery7. Quality Customer ServiceGreat restaurant brands are always consistent in the message they communicate with their customers. Whether it is on Tv, radio or on internet, the message of the marketing should always be the same.David on the video tells how the local pizza restaurant have everything the same maintaining the quality from the decor to the music they play.When you visit Starbucks, the customer is always served with hot coffee at a great speed.They also provide a unique customer experience of homely environment where any one can go and hang out with their laptops, or have a personal meetings with friends or business partners.Chipotle is another great restaurant brand which position itself as a trendy, fast casual Mexican Grill. It positions itself as a leader in this fast casual restaurant industry by introducing new technology like Chipotle Mobile Ordering System. Essentially it allows any body to order the food by using iPhone and that their customers have to never wait for long waiting lines. Chipotle has a unique brand position.Moe’s South West Grill is another fast casual restaurant based out of Atlanta. Their target markets are blue collar office workers aged from 25-34, Parents with Kids aged between 34-48 and generation Y aged from 18-25. They have specific market they target. They just don’t go and try to attract any body they see. Because different people have different eating preferences. Moe’s understands this so they target only specific market.On the video David talks about the local pizza restaurant that has built a great brand. They have been successful by implementing quality efficient POS Systems and other equipment required by the restaurant. They just didn’t buy some generic register to save some money to ruin their long term reputation which is the brand. They also made sure that they were using the same quality paper and utensil product for the customer to give the same product quality that they have been used to with it’s brand.Pizza restaurant should be able to deliver their pizza with in 30 minutes and no later than 45 minutes if there is traffic. The timely delivery should be maintained and not be neglected. If one day they deliver in 30 minutes and the other day they take 1 hour 30 minutes then that is not constantly timely delivery.Last but not the least is the customer service. The customer service should be excellent. I mean really excellent. Delivering on customers anticipated request is excellent service. It’s like reading customers mind and delivering even before customer requests.I hope this gives you a better understanding of a great restaurant brand and more importantly to create your own great restaurant brand.
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  • Hi Nash,

    Great Video!
    Just as in business, branding is a key component; so too, I believe every individual must develope their “personal brand” to be successful.

    A favorite quote of mine, from Mike Litman, says it all:

    “In life, you are either consistent or you are nonexistent.”

    You can read my most recent post, “How Are Your Career Advancement Strategies?

    Thank you for sharing these powerful ideas,

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