It's Cherry Thing-a-Ling Day in Batesville!

Every year for the past 40+ years, the Schmidt family bakery in Batesville, Indiana has produced these unique cherry delights called Cherry Thing-a-lings™. Thing-a-lings have an almost cult-like following with shipments being requested months in advance.

It started out to honor George Washington and his fondness for all things, well, cherry. Clem Schmidt, founder and owner of the Schmidt Bakery, is a master baker with Popeye-like hands and quick smile, especially this time of year. "The line starts early on President's day and we always sell out around noon" says Clem. It's the only Sunday of the year the small town bakery is open.Pictured above from left to right: Bertie and Clem Schmidt, friend Caroline, daughters Cindy and Ginger.I order a dozen of them every year because they are only available on this day and only from the Schmidt Bakery in Batesville, Indiana. They are truly a small indulgence order yours now for next year!
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