I’ve never been the biggest fan of job boards, recruiters get lazy and for the most part they attract a lot of desperate job seekers. However, recently I’ve really been warming up to Career Builder- I’d date them over Monster any day. Especially after they created BrightFuse, a free professional networking site for professionals of all ranks and backgrounds — from interns to electricians to CEOs.Richard Castellini, VP of Consumer Marketing for CareerBuilder, said,"We looked at social networking...and we saw that it's something that's not going away, and that CareerBuilder should be involved with and understand it, so we launched BrightFuse. What's always been the number one way for people to recruit is referrals, which is essentially networking, and it makes sense for us to provide our job seekers with a platform for which they can develop themselves from a professional standpoint."They get it.MSN posted this article last week by Anthony Balderrama, writer10 Sexy Careers you never thought ofHere’s Anthony’s List:1. Administrative assistants (duh!!!!)2. Baristas (anyone in a starbucks uniform first thing in the morning is sexy)3. Hairstylist (never skip the shampoo)4. Disc Jockey5. IT workers (only the one's I know)6. Mail carriers (only when the checks come)7. Personal trainers8. Photographers (absolutely!)9. Psychologists10. University professorsAnthony and Richard made our Sexy Thinker list!Still, I think there are a ton of sexy restaurant and a few other jobs they missed.I'd add the following jobs to the list:Restaurant People!!! Professional Bloggers, Life/Career Coaches, Online Community Managers, TR Talent AgentsWhat careers would you add to the list?Amanda HiteTalent Revolution Inc.a drastic change in thinking and behaving with talent
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  • Guru
  • Organic Farmer (small scale)
    Life coach
    Web Video Producer
    Feng Shui consultant
    Yoga Instructor
    Wilderness/Outdoor Adventure Guide
  • Of course we can't forget our back of house and front of house support crew of cooks, dishwashers, food prep, servers, bartenders, hosts and so on ... where would we be without them?
  • Totally would add Americorps volunteers or City Year. So much energy for volunteers. Of course on the cool side, living in Colorado, you can't leave out ski patrol or lift operators!
  • awesome additions to our sexy list!
  • Sommeliers. Even sounds sexy, but I might be biased...
  • Travel Consultant

    I always thought "hotel concierge" had a sexy name for a job.
    I remember this really cute one in....
  • Raft Guide
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