Every Restaurant needs to put out a "NOW HIRING" sign

Here is my advice to every restaurant manager and owner out their. Your assignment for tomorrow is to put a NOW HIRING or similar banner or sign in front of your restaurant.Think about it if you drove by a restaurant with us a sign what would you think? I know what I though today when I did just that. The first thing that went through my mind is things can not be that bad if this people are looking for help and two this must be a great place to eat I need to try them out.On another note you may get a lot of applicants and some of them may be much better than some of the employees you have been putting up with for so long because they were OK. Just remember OK employees just like OK food will kill your restaurant.
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  • I disagree. Anytime I see a "now hiring" or "help wanted" I usually try and avoid that restraunt. To me, that tells me that the company is currently under-staffed which means that quality and service are sub-par. In my experiences, this has been true. It also makes people wonder why you need the help. Bad boss? Someone was fired? Quit? More business? Change of direction? Etc... I also am NOT comfortable trying to scam my customers into believing something that's not true. Even "misguidance" is something I believe to be ethically wrong. True quality establishments have nothing to hide and often flourish. Not always, but often.
  • Good tip! I think this lagging economy is inspiring many of us to think of creative new ways to promote our business. Like the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention!" :-)
  • Great idea! And another way to find excellent help is to recruit while you are enjoying a meal at another restaurant. When you see or expereince excellent service give them your business card, it might just turn into a great hiring opportunity.
  • LOVE the Santa one!
  • Her are a couple of ideas for signs
    "Our growth is your Opportunity"
    "Become Preapproved to work here"
    One of my favorite for this season is
    "Santa Needs Helpers and So DO We"

    If you would like more signs wordage let me know.
  • Great idea! In the past we interpreted now hiring signs on a building as a sign of high turnover (they are always hiring), and poor service (must be short staffed), funny how perceptions change.
  • John, good points all around! We have been lucky that we are growing and continue to hire very selectively. Key word being selectively. All of that being said the market is becoming more and more competitive for sure and our good point is that we're so young that "thinking outside the box" and "re-inventing" are actually our day-to-day strategy as we grow. So, there is no stodgy corporate "that's the way we've always done it" to fight against.

    On the note of the sign, I would worry if it said hiring cooks. We have a local diner that has that sign out and we've always joked that the week the sign is up is the week we should avoid going.
  • Mel, great idea. I have always said that people want to associate with winners. It's all in the packaging.
  • and post a help wanted sign online at as well!
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