Pure Economics: Cans Lose

Now that it's officially official that we're in a recession, food service companies have even more reason to cut costs as the country collectively tightens its belts for the economic downturn.One of the easiest ways to save money is to reduce waste. In times like these, you need to maximize yield on every food item in your refrigerator. Of course, that instantly puts aerosol whipped topping at a disadvantage. In independent tests by The Culinary Edge, the three leading aerosol whipped topping brands sprayed out an average of only 81.5 percent of their contents. By comparison, On Top bagged whipped topping, with its plastic pastry bag shell, provided 100 percent yield in the same tests.Let's translate those percentages into cold, hard cash, shall we? Let's say your cost for aerosol whipped topping is $27 per 12-count case. If you're only getting about 80 percent of the topping out of each can, that means you're throwing away as much as $5 worth of product per case thanks to aerosol's inefficient delivery method. At a busy coffee shop, where you could go through a case or two a week, that adds up quickly. And with profit margins squeezed and every sale counting, can you afford to let those dollars fizzle away with the sputtering of a spent can?I don't think I have to do the math on what OnTop's yield equates to -- I mean, a dollar is a dollar there, so no need to add it up. But I will point out once again that OnTop's rich, creamy whipped topping won't immediately dissolve on hot beverages. Which means that not only will you get what you pay for when it comes to yield, you also won't have to give your customer's money back when their mocha with whipped on top fails to satisfy.Sponsored content by Rich Products Corporation

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  • It's suprising that more companies outside small business don't wiegh things out like this. And what is really suprising is that some of those less costly items have alot more flavor to them than the wasteful products with fancy packaging. Cheers!
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