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  • Indy Mobile Marketing is looking for local restaurants to add to our list of clients. Many people are interested in learning more about mobile marketing, and I thought it would be good to answer some of the questions and explain the service.

    Many of the businesses do not understand the benefits and features of mobile marketing:
    1. Mobile marketing is opt-in only; no one receives a text message without joining the group
    2. Mobile marketing is easy to STOP; all messages have an opt-out reply
    3. Mobile marketing is quick, need to increase business today, messages are sent instantly
    4. Mobile marketing cost pennies per message!

    Problem: Your business is slow on Tuesdays, you mailed out promotions, you have info on your web site, but, the coupons are at home, and the customer is not in front of their computer.

    Solution: Send the customer a text message, “Tuesday special 15% off $20+ 3-7PM call 317-555-1212 for details.” The message is sent at 3:00PM read at 3:01PM.

    Result: Your loyal customer who opted-in, calls your business. A slow Tuesday is now GREAT!

    That is the power of mobile marketing.
  • Just to add to a little context to my question... I think a lot of restaurants (esp. full service) are paralyzed by this economy. For those who want to survive, they need to think and act fast to find new, inexpensive and interesting ways to get butts in seats and increase loyalty. The key is to build a sustainable customer base that becomes an asset in which they can monetize those relationships. Many restaurants don't understand how or why they should do it, so, they revert back to traditional advertising that doesn't give them an asset so the bleeding will continue. There are systems in place, even for independently owned restaurants to stop spending marketing dollards and start investing marketing dollars... in terms of building programs around known consumers to re-market to, extend targeted offers and treat them in differentiated ways...
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