The Art and Soul of Thanksgiving

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Art Smith Some of us are jetting home for the holidays. Others are sticking around and heading to Art and Soul for some food, folks and fun. Art and Soul is visionary Art Smith's new dining venture, which opened in Washington, D.C., last month. To say we're excited is an understatement.

The NRA Show mainstay recently shared some thoughts about branching out to the nation's capital and his favorites with

• Regarding rumors he will serve fellow Chicagoan and President-Elect Barack Obama as White House chef—"'They’re just rumors, but it’s nice to hear those rumors,' is all he’ll say." Not a bad gig, if you ask us. Then again, are those Obama girls picky eaters? That could make the opportunity less appealing.

• Regarding how he starts his day—"'I love a good breakfast—I think it’s my most favorite meal... I love a good crab cake and an egg for breakfast.'" Sounds much tastier than the Pop Tart this blogger prepared for herself this morning.

• Regarding Thanksgiving—"'In the South, we don’t stuff a bird—we dress a bird. My favorite thing is my cornbread dressing... I use all cornbread, but we all use the holy trinity, which is celery, onion, and bell pepper. You need a really good, strong broth, no bouillion in there. I like to throw in turkey sausage and apple for a little sweetness. And you’ve got to have killer gravy with it.'"

And yes, he will be working his magic in-person at Art and Soul Thanksgiving night.

Are you hungry yet? Well, until you can satisfactorily satisfy your cravings... NRA Show 2009 wishes you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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  • Had Thanksgiving with about 25 of my closest restaurant familywaiters, hosts, cooks, bartenders, and managers.

    For the first time in my 27-year history as a waiter, I served Thanksgiving dinner to the public instead of my family.

    It is not that I drew the short straw. It is because times have changed and paying the bills won over tradition. (That applies to me and my restaurant.)

    That is not a complaint. It is the way it is.

    Between Oregon and Washington, there are almost a quarter-million unemployed people. And we are not in as bad a shape as other parts of the country... or the world for that matter.

    One of my children came into my restaurant with his family to see me for the holiday. It was wonderful to be with my family, even if for only a few minutes, on this special holiday. My grandson was a delight but we could only play for a moment.

    One might say I was gifted with two special thanks… being with my family and having a job for Thanksgiving 2008.

  • Yes, you definitely made me hungry! I am planning to cook a teeny turkey breast later for myself and my two largest teddy bears - I passed on the family feast this year as I did not feel I had the time for the trip and really needed a quiet day of r&r - this is my first T-day alone- I've gone to my nephew's the past 2 years since my partner, Richard's, death. So it's a new experience and I'm enjoying it more than I expected. Art and Soul sounds fabulous and makes me want to return to DC one of these days.
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