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There's a new search engine on the 'net that supposedly is the best one available now. It's called DeepDyve, and it claims to gather 99 percent of information that Google misses. It's only in beta mode right now, but it's already receiving a ton of buzz.According to its Web site, the company deploying this new app was founded by 'two bio-informatics scientists who had worked on the Human Genome Project.' Those are not shabby credentials, are they?The strange thing is that I never thought about a better search engine than Google. Sometimes I do find myself frustrated with all the clutter on the Internet, but I don't blame Google. I usually just blame all the folks who clutter the World Wide Web with incorrect information.But the folks at DeepDyve dug deeper. (Please excuse the pun.) They saw flaws in Google's search methodology, which once was hailed as groundbreaking not too long ago.I'm still waiting for my username and password, so I have yet to determine whether DeepDyve lives up to the hype or not. However, I'm fascinated by the fact that someone else wasn't satisfied with a product or service even though most people, including myself, were.How often do you step back and re-evaluate how well your operation is doing, even if customers express their satisfaction? Or do you only contemplate change when forced to do so?
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  • Do you think this will be a competitor for Google or do you think it will enhance or complement Google, somehow.

    Is the purpose, to gain awareness ? Make a separate "brand" ?
  • Thanks, Claire. Excellent resource. I love Google and Google loves me (so I like to think in what might be illusions of grandeur), thank God because I feel infinitely dissed by the likes of MSN. But I'm always there to register my links with search engines.
  • Signed up too, now it says I have to wait a week for my login information. Must have a lot of demand.

    I look forward to testing the beta version and will report back my findings!

    CCR =:~)
  • I think that is the problem with most people and their own behavior. We don't like to change the norm unless something is which point is probably too late. And in the restaurant industry, that is already WAY too late to fix things. By then, you need to spend more resources just to generate a buzz again and get people in the door.
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