A Little Veal (...and mostly guilt free...)

These racks and chops came from an All Natural 70lb Dressed Veal Carcass.A friend of mine who runs a specialty meats processing plant just invented some of these items and sent me a box of various items to try out.I was very impressed! The Milanese Pre Breaded items were outstanding in flavor and tender. I only used butter in a hot saute pan for the pre breaded items.This is the 2-Bone Butterfly Veal Chop raw. It came in CryoVac Packaging.

...and cooked. Delicious is all I can say.

Frenched Veal Rack. This baby weighs about 14oz....and a little smaller than your typical Lamb Rack. Very nice piece of meat.

A little Majestic Seasoning and Crimini Infused Truffle Oil.

Cooked to Medium

This is really cool too! Same veal rack, just butterflied out and pre breaded Milanese. The plate coverage is awesome, fast cook times, great value perception and all this stuff cost around $5-6/lb.

Tonight, I'm going to cook up some of the Veal Pops. Single Bone Frenched Chops, 1.5 oz each. No pics of them yet...sorry.
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