Paint like Picasso

Bill, Help!That was the title of the email she had sent me.“I know what I want. They just don’t get it.” She proceeded to explain to me how she had started with XYZ Company, but now she felt that it wasn’t what she wanted. The job was boring. The owners lacked vision. The pay could have been a whole lot better.Maybe she should have done more homework on the company, asked more questions during the interview, or spoken to some of the existing employees, before she started the job. Or maybe her vision was not as clear as she had originally thought. Was she giving up too early? Did she go into the job with a positive attitude? Were the bosses really so narrowminded? Would it be likely she could step right into another job making a better salary?All great questions.Well, I recommended she stay with the job for a few more weeks, at least until she had time to answer these questions. Maybe, just maybe, she was giving up too early. I reminded her that something had initially attracted her to this company, and now it was gone?Maybe you too are in the habit of starting things, but fail to complete them?Somewhere along the way, you may have started secondguessing yourself. Do I really want to graduate with a business degree? Do I have the natural talent to become a successful coach? What about my dream of becoming a teacher? Did I make the right choice? Am I in the right job and the right company?Wow!Does this all seem, way to familiar? It does for me.From years of experience, the answer to all these questions lies in your ability to define yourself. What is Your One True Calling in Life? Your Destiny, if you will? Your Life Purpose?Your Life PurposeYou have got to decide on your life purpose.On the surface, it would appear that you have time, all the time in the world.Beware. Time will pass at the speed of light.The Greatest Sales JobPerhaps the greatest sales job is the sale you must make on yourself.You need to sell yourself on who you are.You need to sell yourself on what you want.You need to sell yourself on your life purpose.If you want to be successful, you must have a singleminded focus, just one major accomplishment that you, and only you, can make.Paint Like PicassoAt some point in your life you need to STOP. Take a few days, or a week if you need to, spend some quiet time with and by yourself. Really concentrate on what excites you, what motivates you, and what you are passionate about.Then Decide!Decide and stick to it. You are the Picasso of your life. Paint the picture. Paint it as clearly as you can. Visualize your picture, holding it firmly in your mind’s eye.Now focus, really focus.Nothing can stop you, but yourself!If you are or have been in a similar mental circumstance, let me hear from you. What are you doing, or have you done to conquer this dilema.Drop me a comment. I would love to hear your story.
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  • Keith,

    Thank you for you kind words.

    Keep painting "Your Masterpiece!"

  • Bill,

    This is an excellent post ! I like the correlation.

    What i'm working on ( and I have followed some of your ideas ther), is how I can "complement" an organization. How can my background in travel enhance their specialty (if I were to go to an advertising firm, for example) and allow the company to increase revenue, rather than have to scale back.

    That is the plan i am working on, now. I talked to an "expert" a few weeks ago who said "The way the economy is expect some doors to be shut in your face."

    My response was "If the door doesn't open, how will they close it? "

    These are trying times, but I have to think positive and use my creativity and personality, whenever and wherever.

    Sorry to ramble. This was a very inspiring post !
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