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My mother, a native of the Philippines, makes the best eggrolls ever. Or, so says anyone who has ever tried them. My vegetarian cousin even makes an exception for them. Now, that either shows how good they are... or how uncommitted my cuz is to her dietary regimen.Nonetheless, people loved them so much that people asked her to make them for their events. You know, birthday parties, picnics and other similar important events. (My aunt also makes wedding cakes for non-banquet-hall affairs. I guess we're a resourceful bunch!) Usually mom does generates a majority of her business with her summers off from teaching.But my dad's been bugging her to reach higher. Would you visit an Eggrolls Express? I myself have a feeling she would need more than just her feature item, but I have never started a food-related venture myself.However, if I want to, there are so many resources available online. This FohBoh community is definitely one of them. But here are some others.Small Business Administration - Your first stop, this spot has everything you expect from a government Web site — and more. The Online Business Chat is my favorite feature. The free online training courses are nice as well.Business Week - The Small Business News section has success stories, tips and more. They have online small business courses as - This is probably one of the top sources for small biz folks. They boast a nice selection of e-newsletters too.Forbes - I often diss the site for its ridiculous library of lists, but its Entrepreneurs area is quite helpful. I enjoy the videos especially.Where do you go for small business information? Are there other communities you frequent? Do you like eggrolls too?
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  • Hi claire,
    nice article on mama susan's eggrolls. Yes, she started cooking at age fourteen and fed her young siblings before she could even reach college, your grandma Amparo "sous chef" and everything in the house...Have you tasted her chopsuey Phil. style? even better.she even shares her secret in making chocolate cake without the apple sauce, i tried it in my kitchen and it was divine. tita tesh, philippines.
  • Thanks for all your comments. Currently my 'rents live in the Chicagoland area. I'm thinking more food isn't a problem in those parts!
  • Hey Claire:

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  • Where would the location be ?
  • Hi Claire,

    I'm an egg roll fan, too. I think she should do it too !
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