Life comes at you fast

Yeah, Life can come at you fast, and sometimes, unexpectedly.So you’ve planned your next step, and your next, and maybe your whole life.Your path is clear, the future looks bright, you’re ready for the challenge, anything life can throw your way.Bring it onI was a graduating senior, filled with possibility and eager to make my way in the world. It was only a few months before the diploma would be handed to me and I would be ushered into the business world with a hearty welcome.I had mastered the acedemic field, cum laude, with a bachelors degree in psychology and a vast array of business classes.I was ready to offer my services to the major corporations. I wasn’t sure how they had made it so far, without me.Where was the next step?I had the enthusiam, the drive, energy, but I had forgotten one thing. My map was still tucked in the pocket of my unborn plans. I had the education, but my future would have to wait.I couldn’t find the next step, because I was’t sure where I was headed.Should I go back to school? I could get a master’s degree, I thought. Well, I could, but I was already in debt, and I was honestly, tired of going to school.I sent out a handfull of resumes to local businesses, but without a vision of what I wanted, I might as well have saved the postage stamps. By more chance than design, I stumbled into a job in a local department store. At least I now had a steady source of income.I desparately longed to be on my own, away from my parents, developing my independence. Hey, I had finally set a goal. I wanted to be self supporting, and I had finally taken the first step.Are you on solid ground or quicksand?I had taken the first step, but I still wasn’t walking on solid ground. My plans were still in the infant stage. I was moving forward, but I still had not bothered to refer to my map, or even ask for directions. I was still emersed in my college successes. I was still holding on to the belief that I had done well in school, so I would do well in business.An early boss taught me a valuable lesson. His name was Wayne, and I don’t think he ever saw the inside of a college classroom. What he did have was a degree from “the school of hard knocks.” He had a street-smart sense about him, something I had buried a long time since. I was hired as an assistant manager, within a small chain of quick service restaurants, and Wayne was the general manager. He was a hardworking and demanding person, and he hated book-smart individuals. I learned a ton of things that year. He taught me what they don’t teach you in the university business school. My feet were finally planted on a solid foundation. Maybe my journey would be a little easier.Life comes at you fast.I wanted it all.I wanted the nice car, the nice house and the freedom to enjoy my life. I had taken the first few steps, but there were a lot of steps that I still needed to climb. I didn’t know it then, but there were going to be much harder steps in my near future.I did realize one thing, life comes at you fast.You can’t plan for everything, but taking on some insurances is always a good idea.Insure your dreams! Develope clarity in your life.Ensure you have a plan !! Define the steps that will get you where you want to go.Assure yourself a bright future!!! Keep the end in sight.Is life coming at you fast? Let me hear your comments in the box below.BillBill Baumgartner“Helping you Achieve your Greatest Self”
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  • Liz, Debra, and Sarah,

    Thank you for taking the time to read my humble thoughts.

    I really appreciate your support.

    Thanks again,

  • "Life comes at you fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it!" -- one of my favorite quotes from Ferris Bullers Day Off :) great post Bill. Thanks for sharing!
  • I am always asking myself "What if"? There are so many "what if's" that can happen in my life and I try to plan for all of them. I'm prayer I don't meet that "what if" I didn't know about! Great article, great advice, I will certainly pass it on! Thanks Bill!
  • Keith,

    Thank you.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the article,

  • Bill,
    Sorry to jump the gun earlier.
    This is a great article. Full of great advice.
    I know I can relate to it and I am sure others in thecommunity can, too.

    Thanks for sharing.
  • That's a riot
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