Some are cutting labor costs. Some are cutting food costs. Some are cutting their advertising budget, etc.But, here's a tip of how you can cut back expenses on marketing without sacrificing anything...First, keep in mind that marketing results are measured by how many people you actually contact. For example with direct mailing, don' t say 5,000 people cause that's how much coupon post cards went out to 5,000 residents. I mean how many people, literraly.Second, figure out what marketing strategy you've used in the last 3 months. Then ask yourself what worked and what didn't. Why did it work and why didn't it? What was your ROI from it?Third, compare each strategy by it's cost, how many people you targeted and actually contacted and how many people came in with the coupon.And fourth, narrow it down and use the strategy that worked and focus on it. But, if none of them are satisfying to your bottom line, then it's best to be creative and seek out another strategy.
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